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As American waistlines continue to expand so does the multi billion-dollar diet industry. And nobody gets richer off of fat, unhealthy Americans then Big Pharma.

Type 2 Diabetes, which is directly linked to obesity, continues to soar in the U.S. Research shows that as many as half of all adult Americans now have diabetes or are pre-diabetic.


* The prevalence of diabetes increased significantly between 1988-1994 and 2011-2012 among the overall population, as well as in every age group, every racial/ethnic group, every education level, every income level, and in both sexes.
* The age-standardized prevalence of diabetes was higher in African Americans (21.8%), Asians (20.6%), and Hispanics (22.6%) compared with whites (11.3%).

Although diabetes has increased among all Americans in recent years, there is also a ray of hope—the proportion of Americans with undiagnosed diabetes has significantly decreased (along with an increase in diagnosed diabetes), which indicates that education efforts and diagnostic improvements are beginning to work.

Translation: Big Pharma is capturing overweight, unhealthy customers at a much faster rate.

Recent studies show that the growing number of obese Americans are on a collision course with destiny when it comes to their poor health. Yo-yo dieting, fad diets, binge eating, and emotional dependency on high-fat, high-calorie, high-carb, sugary processed foods have created generations of lumbering fatties.

Obesity Medicine:

Research has shown that obesity is reported to be a public crisis in the US (1,2,3). Worldwide obesity has tripled since 1975 (18). Obesity is a condition with excessive body fat. The prevalence of obesity in the US in adults in 2020 was estimated to be 42.4%. According to the most recent data from CDC in 2021, more than 7 in 10 U.S. adults aged 20 and older are either overweight or obese (3). These rates considerably vary between different states and regions. Adults living in rural areas are more prone to obesity than adults in urban areas, and there is a significant difference in the prevalence of obesity in the Northeast and Southern regions. In the U.S, Mississippi has the highest rate of obesity in the country at 40.8% and Colorado has the lowest at 23.8% (4,5). Moreover, there has been an upsetting escalation in childhood obesity affecting one in every five youngsters in the US (6).

The million-dollar question now is – what does a nation in health peril do next? Do they reject processed foods, revamp the failed “low-fat” diet culture pushed by the government and media, completely revise the outdated and incorrect “food pyramid,” and encourage Americans to get outside and exercise?

No, don’t be silly… They line up for Big Pharma to pass out a “pill” that will magically make years worth of poor eating and fat rolls disappear.

By the way, these are not actually pills, they are injections currently being used as diabetic medication. The circle of life…

Weight loss medications like Ozempic and Wegovy are the hot new “magic pills” being peddled by medical professionals for miracle weight loss. They are medications  prescribed to control blood sugar for Type 2 diabetics. Big Pharma researchers noticed that “weight loss” was a side effect, so they quickly re-branded the drugs as a magical weight loss solution and the masses gobbled it up.

People all over the internet have been losing weight and singing the drugs praises, and calling this new medication a “bombshell” alternative to bariatric weight loss surgery. Sounds great, but is all the hype true? (It never is…)

Many medical professions are saying no, it’s not. One of the biggest red flags about Ozempic and other “magic” weight loss drugs is research showing rapid weight gain the moment you stop taking the injections.

But it gets worse… there are even more red flags and serious risks.


And now, a doctor who goes by the name “Doc Anarchy,” who bucks traditional medical norms, and pushes “patient-centered” medicine, shared his observations about these so-called miracle weight loss drugs:

Most of the weight loss from Ozempic and Wegovy comes from muscle loss and bone demineralization. You end up in a worse place than when you started.

Why is this the case?

People feel full on these drugs. They don’t eat as much, and when they do eat it usually low quality food. This leads to nutritional deficiencies. They also rarely change their lifestyle.

If you’re in a caloric deficit and don’t exercise, your body breaks down muscle. As you get older your body breaks down bone if you’re not stimulating growth. In the beginning it’ll be mostly fat lost because you have more of it to lose. There comes a tipping point where this changes and muscle is lost.

The problem is, rebound weight gain is essentially guaranteed, as the makers of Wegovy and Ozempic admit. What happens after 6 months when you’ve lost 50 lbs and stop the drug because you’re starting to lose muscle mass?

You gain those 50 lbs back.

There is no shortcut. You must make substantial lifestyle changes. You must exercise and eat right.

Oh and it has a risk of pancreatitis and thyroid cancer in susceptible populations. So there’s that.

Well said, Doc. Overweight Americans don’t need magic mystery pills…They need fact-based nutrition education, a total revision of the failed food pyramid, and education on what sugary, processed foods are doing to their bodies.

In addition,  they need to realize healthy eating is not “more expensive” than eating pre-packaged foods. That is a lie peddled by people who want to keep Americans fat and in the dark about nutrition.

If you’d like to read more about Doc Anarchy’s natural/patient-focused  approach to medicine you can subscribe to his Substack here.


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