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US birth rates are alarmingly low. Recent studies show a disturbingly sharp decline in the number of babies being born in America.

CBS News: 

Data collected by the National Center for Health Statistics — the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s statistic arm — showed a sharp decline in fertility rates in recent years, with most women having an average of 1.3 babies and an increasing percentage giving birth at age 35 or older.

Many experts theorize that the COVID pandemic played an important role in the “uncertainly factor” for many young couples who may have been thinking about having children, but opted out due to pandemic fear.

And while that remains to be seen, one thing we do know for certain is the COVID vaccine is playing its own devastating role in “birth rates.”

According to Dr. James Thorp, an OBGYN & expert in women’s reproductive health, the “57-fold” INCREASE in miscarriages — as well as a significant increases in still births, fetal demises and more — are all linked to the mRNA COVID-19 shots. That’s based on the FDA & CDC’s own data.

Dr. Thorp joined Tucker to discuss this alarming situation.

Adding to the deep concern on this topic, Prof. Dr. Arne Burkhardt goes so far as to suggest that women should think twice about having children with vaccinated men.


It’s good to see experts researching and  spreading this information. But sadly, for many, it’s already too late.


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