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Gen X is often called the “forgotten” or “unloved” generation. A lot of people poke fun at them for “self-loathing,” but there may be some truth to it. After all, Gen X kids were raised by Saturday morning cartoons, street lights, and Pac-Man. Many Boomer parents were too wrapped up in their own lives to pay much attention to their kids – the complete polar opposite to today’s “helicopter parents.”

However, there’s a bright side to a “parent-free” childhood – it definitely makes for some crazy teen adventures and fond memories.

And those are the exact emotional heart strings that TikTok is tugging on right now.

The site launched a new app that has gone viral beyond belief. It’s a “teenage filter” that targets Gen X and magically transforms middle-aged users back into carefree 80s teenagers.

And the forgotten generation is eating it up like Pac-Man gobbles power pellets.

Check it out:


Lived in the past for about 30 seconds or less. To think about the last time i looked so young and what i had endured up to that point. It seemed like my smile never lost its life but that sparkle in the eye had already been gone for so long. 20 years past and even more endured i wonder what will be in 20 more years. #teenagers #teenagefilter #teenagelookfilter #teenagerfilter #abuse #domesticviolence #death #surviving

♬ The Freshmen – The Verve Pipe


Aging is a bitch #teenagefilter #fyp #feelingold

♬ The Freshmen – The Verve Pipe

And while many see this as a harmless gimmick, others are throwing up red flags and saying not so fast – they warn that this creepy AI technology that could be used for nefarious purposes.

This technology is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, reality will be very difficult to spot.

Not to mention that having the ability to easily generate “teenage” faces on adult bodies could be very dangerous and problematic for obvious reasons.


“This new TEENAGE-FACE filter is so concerning – and it’s already incredibly popular,” wrote body confidence influencer Danae Mercer Ricci alongside a video of herself using the face-altering filter. “I talked a while back about massive (1 million plus) accounts that were photoshopping teenage faces onto women’s bodies,” she went on. “And now there’s a filter that allows for exactly the same – and in VIDEO.”

Danae went on to point out how “incredibly realistic” the filter is, saying: “Technology is getting SO SMART. Look how realistic these filters seem. Things like this are going to happen more and more, and it’s another reason why we have to be CAUTIOUS with what we believe is real.”

As well as commenting on how filters like his can impact and distort the relationships we have with our bodies, Danae pointed out the dangers associated with putting a teenage face onto an adult’s body. “The internet can be scary,” she told her followers. “This stuff worries me with its implications. There’s something so weird but also so dangerous about a young girl’s face on a woman’s body.” In the comments section, someone else had a similar concern. “This seems dangerous,” they wrote. “Like it would make it easier for online predators to impersonate children.”

Revolver recently published a chilling and powerful article on AI technology called “Woke AI: Dystopia’s Final Frontier.” The piece brilliantly exposes the left’s plan to turn this “harmless gimmick” into one of the most powerful and lethal weapons in their arsenal.

Thinking about AI that way really puts things into perspective.

While these apps and filters are “funny” and “cute,” they’re also an appetizer that’s deigned to draw you straight into the main-course, no questions asked.

It’s much easier to control people if they’re laughing, and having fun.

This Twitter user made a brilliant point about the “teenage filter,” saying some things in life are only meant to be experienced and seen once.

Can delving into apps and filters like these eventually alter our memory and sensory experience of real-life moments?

After all, many people became addicted to online pornography, and it not only desensitized them, it negatively altered their personal relationships as well.

Are we heading back down that dark and degenerate road?

If we delve too deeply into this AI blackhole, can we find our way out?

These are all valid questions that must be answered. This new technology has the potential to impact how we live, love, and exist in this new alternate (fake) “reality” that’s being mass generated for us.

Tread carefully.

Here’s the fascinating full thread with more people breaking down upon seeing themselves as a teenager all over again.


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