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Dr. John Littell of Florida was unceremoniously tossed out of a Sarasota hospital board meeting by police, when he testified to the effectiveness of Ivermectin as a treatment for COVID-19.

The inexpensive, well-known drug Ivermectin has been a thorn in the side of vaxx-happy officials since the early days of the pandemic when President Trump touted its use.

The shocking incident involving Dr. Littell took place at Sarasota Memorial Hospital and was captured on video:


It’s startling to see this type of radical left-wing censorship in Florida. But it just goes to show how deep the progressive and big pharma roots go.

Dr. Littell is a well-respected, professional family doctor from Ocala, Florida. He said he made the drive to Sarasota to be a “voice” for the voiceless Americans who were mistreated during the pandemic fiasco. Independent reporter Chris Nelson caught up with Dr. Littell outside the hopsital and interviewed him about what happened.

Dr. Littell revealed that there are doctors right now, working inside that very hospital, who are scared to say how they really feel about COVID and the vaxx, fearing retribution.

And after what we just saw today, they have good reason to be afraid.

Watch Part One:

Part Two

The highly-respected Dr. Malone, another outspoken critic of COVID protocols and the vaccine, saw what happened and responded on Twitter, hailing Dr. Littell a “hero” for speaking the truth.

“We need more heroes like Dr. Littell in Florida,” Dr. Malone wrote. “Dr. Littell treated 1000s of COVID-19 patients and helped other physicians treat 1000s more with safe and effective drugs. Early treatment saved and saves lives. For that, he has been harassed and gaslighted by the medical system.”

Thank goodness decent, honest medical professionals like Dr. Littell are brave enough to stand up and speak up. Dr. Malone is right, we need more like him.


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