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In a Tweet thread posted on February 16th, author and journalist Nick Corbishley alerted the world to a “very dark” experiment that’s underway right now in Nigeria.

Here’s what he said:

What ghastly thing did the central bank do exactly? Nick explains:

Now, apparently, there’s a massive cash shortage looming:

People are going to DIE as the vibrant and organic cash economy sputters to a halt, just like as happened in India:

The whole point is to starve and crush the people until they submit to a digital currency scheme:

And don’t be naïve. All of this is coming our way, and sooner than you think:

The whole point is to use poor third-worlders as lab rats in an experiment so they can bring it to the civilized West. What they are doing to the poor people of Nigeria is just a test-run for what they want to do to you.

We need to pay attention to this dire situation, because as Nick correctly stated, the digital currency way of life is coming for us all. First, they put in place the system that will track all of our movements, conversations and transactions. Then the real fun and games begin for these twisted, evil mad scientists…


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