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Is there a job more toxically manly than being an oil rig worker? It appears they’re also called  “oil rig roughnecks” – that’s a person employed to do really tough physical labor. Another name that is used is “roustabout.”

But don’t be fooled, these are not mindless lugs lumbering around – the work they do is hard, but it’s highly-skilled labor.

What these hardworking guys do is amazing and takes great expertise and finesse. One step out of place, and they could easily lose a limb, or two… maybe even their lives.

And this short, on-minute clip of a “roughneck” at work really amplifies how much skill and know-how is involved.

One interesting point that a lot of people brought up in the comments was why aren’t women fighting for “equality” in the oil rig industry?

“Still waiting to hear from feminists about why they aren’t fighting for gender equality in oil drilling “

“As a woman, I couldn’t do this. I’m ALOT stronger than many females as I stay active and lift heavy weights. I. Still. Can’t. Do. This. I honestly don’t want to do this. Men are incredible”

“Yep, we need more female representation here. It’s only fair.”

“How come women aren’t seeking equal representation in jobs such as oil drilling, deep sea fishing, construction? Don’t we need diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of life? Or do the ladies only want equality in the easy office jobs? Politicians, C Suite execs, etc?”

I thought this was a great comment and perspective from the wife of an oil rig worker:

“My husband has been working on rigs for nearly 15 years. We spent a year with him out in the field, it’s hard being separated all the time from your family, and I can say I think all oil field wives should spend sometime out there and see what your man does for you!”

Ladies, support your men.

Toxic masculinity keeps the world going, even though it’s a thankless job and vilified every step of the way.


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