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Once again “race” has taken center stage on social media and beyond, after “Dilbert” comic book creator Scott Adams controversially warned whites to stay away from black people after reading a Rasmussen poll suggesting that a majority of black Americans did not agree with the statement “it’s ok to be white.”

These comments have predictably generated an uproar, and Dilbert is pretty much cancelled as a result.

Numerous newspapers, including USA TODAY, announced they will stop running the widely syndicated comic strip Dilbert after the creator described people who are Black as part of a “hate group” that white should “get away” from.

Scott Adams, the creator of the strip that debuted in 1989 that pokes fun at office culture, received backlash from comments he made Wednesday on his YouTube channel “Real Coffee with Scott Adams.”

As news organizations announced they were pulling the comic strip because of Adams’ remarks, the comic strip creator continued to defend his remarks. [USA Today]

Amidst the chorus of condemnation, billionaire Elon Musk stepped up and went to bat for Adams. Musk, no stranger to political controversy since his historic hostile takeover of Twitter, fired back at The San Fransisco Chronicle, which published an article titled: “Bay Area cartoonist who created Dilbert goes on racist rant, draws condemnation.”

Elon called out the media for being racist.

Perhaps Elon Musk’s South African pedigree gives him a special perspective on the topic in question.


Meanwhile, the hate and division pushed by the left and the anti-white hate from black Americans is reaching a dangerous crescendo.

Conservative activist and former congressional candidate Robby Starbuck shared a disturbing video featuring a group of black people hatefully mocking what “white people are good at.”

Here’s what Robby said about this racist and divisive clip:

“Imagine this being said about literally any other race. Every person in this video would lose their job. They’d rightfully be called racists. They’d be shunned. If they say it about white people they get praised by the left. We can’t continue this madness.”


Elon’s response was short but powerful:

That’s some really dark and hateful stuff.

The media expects you to believe that Scott Adams’ justified shock over a poll revealing half of all blacks don’t believe whites have a right to exist is the actual “racism” in this equation.

The truth is, there’s a very strong anti-white hate culture encouraged by the media. If it continues to be swept under the rug, it could destroy this country.


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