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Charlie Kirk took to the airwaves yesterday with Darren Beattie to cover the “Ricky Vaughn case”, which was definitively covered by Revolver just days ago. (Watch the full segment below).

Charlie was so disturbed by new revelations in the case in which Douglass Mackey is being prosecuted by the Biden DOJ that he promised to pledge $10,000 in matching donations to his charitable, nonprofit legal defense fund,

For background, Revolver:

Most Important First Amendment Case You’ve Never Heard Of: Biden Regime Tries to Toss a Young Man in Jail for 10 Years for Anti-Hillary Memes

Douglass Mackey is alleged to be one of the many anonymous Twitter users who made the 2016 election so different, so memorable, and so important.

Like other anonymous internet memesmiths (anons), Mackey had no external reason that anyone should care what he said. He held no office. He had no byline at an elite publication. He had no vast pool of wealth that conferred legitimacy, deserved or undeserved, on what he had to say.

Mackey’s notability, like that of Bronze Age Pervert or Libs of TikTok, came exclusively from what he had to say, and that people found it funny and compelling. Over the summer and fall of 2016, Mackey allegedly went by the nom-de-tweet Ricky Vaughn (after Charlie Sheen’s character in Major League) and collected tens of thousands of followers who found him funny and compelling. Mackey was not single-handedly responsible for getting Donald Trump elected. But the work he allegedly did along with dozens of others is what made Trump’s victory possible. An MIT analysis estimated that Ricky Vaughn was a bigger influence on the 2016 election than NBC News.

But for the regime, the specter of anonymous individuals making the system tremble was too much. And so, for more than two years, the regime has been battling to send Mackey to prison.

You might not know much about Mackey’s case. It’s far less notorious than the January 6 prosecutions, or the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. But in terms of how much the speech matters for American liberty, it is as important as either of those — perhaps more so.

In January 2021, shortly after the January 6 incident inaugurated a national anti-MAGA crackdown, the Department of Justice charged Mackey with “conspiring … to deprive individuals of their constitutional right to vote.”

Mackey’s offense? Illegal memes.

Darren Beattie has more on why this case matters so much, and why you should donate. The bottom line, according to Beattie, is that free speech is the precondition for all our other freedoms, and without it, we have no freedom. But with this case, the Biden DOJ is trying to rid us of the First Amendment by codifying the disinformation scam into the criminal law. Already, Americans are being censored and silenced under the pretext of fighting “disinformation,” but Biden wants to take that a step further and start throwing Americans in prison for “disinformation.”

Watch the enlightening segment here:

Very disturbing indeed. Numerous other conservatives have taken up coverage of this disturbing case, including Tucker Carlson:

Steve Bannon:

Auron MacIntyre:

Robert Barnes and Viva La Frei:

And many others.

How to Donate:

As Revolver mentioned in our previous piece, if Mackey had merely firebombed a cop car during riots, he would enjoy Cadillac-tier legal representation fully financed by a constellation of progressive non-profits. But sadly, Mackey’s only crime is speech, and the right has lamentably failed to make sure that legal fees are irrelevant for his case. Revolver encourages anyone able to donate to the case at You can also donate crypto or send cash or check by going to, or if you prefer GiveSendGo, go to


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