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Revenge never tasted so sweet, or so historic. One year after being banned from the Australia and unable to compete in the Australian Open due to his unvaxxed status, Serbian tennis legend Novak Djokovic claimed his historic 10th Australian Open in straight sets, with two sets being decided by electrifying tie-break:

With his tenth Australian Open victory Djokovic holds the world record for most Australian Open titles of all time. Today’s victory also gives Djokovic 22 all time Grand Slam wins, tying Rafael Nadal’s record.

The question of whether Novak can go on to beat Nadal’s record will largely hinge on whether he is allowed to play in grand slam tournaments at all. Australia reversed its vaccine requirement for visitors, enabling Novak to compete and win this year. Controversially, the United States continues to require Covid vaccination status for foreign entrants, calling into question Djokovic’s ability to compete in the US Open:

Novak Djokovic has copped a fresh blow with United States travel authorities extending the requirement for non-citizens to be vaccinated against COVID-19 until at least April 10 this year.

Leading tennis reporter Ben Rothenberg tweeted that meant that if Djokovic remained unvaccinated, it would mean another year of missing tournaments in Indian Wells and Miami.

It could also affect the 21 time Grand Slam champion’s ability to play in the US Open after he was forced to miss last year’s tournament, won by Carlos Alcaraz.

[Wide World of Sports]

Known for his strict plant-based health regimen, Djokovic has gained both notoriety and acclaim for his refusal to comply with vaxx mandates, even when it costs him potential tournament wins in his quest to surpass his rivals Federer and Nadal

We congratulate Novak on his incredible win in Australia, and for his courgage. 2023 will be an historic year: “dream big”.


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