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President Trump has announced his new “transgender” policy.

Trump correctly states that the “gender confusion” being pushed on our nation’s youth is a form of child abuse.

So, to combat that abuse, President Trump has put forth a new plan to stop the chemical, physical, and emotional mutilation of our country’s innocent children.

Trump kicked things off by announcing that on day one, he will revoke Biden’s cruel polices on so-called “gender affirming” care.

President Trump goes on to say that he will sign an executive order forcing every federal agency to cease all programs that promote the concept of sex and gender transition at any age.

In addition, President Trump will also ask Congress to stop taxpayer dollars from being used to fund and promote these abusive programs and also encourage them to pass a law forbidding child sexual mutilation in all 50 states.

Powerful stuff.

Below is President Trump’s full speech, where he outlines, in even more detail,  his bold plan, including going after the medical establishment.

Watch (Rumble link below if you prefer):

Many people are thrilled to see President Trump come out so strongly for kids:

“Well. That gets my vote.  If he backs off vaccine mandates he’s gonna crush it.”

He already has my vote, but I love this”

“Wow. Absolutely brilliant words backed by concrete legal methodology for firm execution.”

“Wow. He got everything right on this issues”

“Save the kids. That’s what we want and it sounds like that’s what he’s going to deliver. I like it.”

“Going after the hospital establishment with Medicaid/Medicare and establishing an education order that PROMOTES the nuclear  family is a massive winner.”

“This was really well thought out and I am very pleased to hear this.”

“Focused Trump. I like to see it.”

This is a powerful plan that has the potential to finally put an end to the left-wing gender mutilation madness that’s been engulfing our children.

You can catch the video on Rumble as well:

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