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Steve Kirsch has shared a very eyeopening and rather disturbing Substack newsletter involving the FAA, pilots, and abnormal EKGs. Three things you never want to hear about in succession.

And what Steve reveals about what he says is really going on behind the scenes should have everyone very concerned.

Steve Kirsch: 

In the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners, the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the normal range (from a PR max of .2 to unlimited). And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot. It was done after the vaccine rollout.

This is extraordinary. They did it hoping nobody would notice. It worked for a while. Nobody caught it.
But you can’t hide these things for long.

This is a tacit admission from the US government that the COVID vaccine has damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.

The cardiac harm of course is not limited to pilots.
My best guess right now is that over 50M Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from the shot.

That’s a lot of people who will be very upset when they realize the vaccine they took to reduce their chance of dying from COVID actually worked in reverse making it:
1. More likely that people will get COVID
2. Be hospitalized from COVID and other diseases
3. Die from COVID (and other diseases)
4. You also have an excellent chance of getting a lifetime of heart damage for no extra charge.

And the kicker is you can’t sue them for negligence:

They fixed the law so none of them aren’t liable (the doctors, the drug companies, the government). After all, you took the vaccine of your own free will. It’s not like you were forced (or coerced) to take it or anything like that! And there were plenty of people warning you not to take the shots (even though they censored most of them).

Steve explains what the FAA “quietly” started doing:

On October 24, 2022, the FAA quietly, without any announcement at all, widened the EKG requirements necessary for pilots to be able to fly.

The PR (a measure of heart function) used to be in the range of .12 to .2.

It is now: .12 to .3 and potentially even higher.

This is a very wide range; it accommodates people who have cardiac injury. Cardiologist Thomas Levy is appalled at this change.

You’re probably wondering why the FAA did that.

Well, Steve believes it’s because they knew if they kept the original range, too many pilots would have to be grounded.

Just a coupe of months ago an airline crew member had a sudden heart attack aboard a flight heading to Paris.

Simple Flying: 

On Tuesday, November 22nd, a Gulf Air Airbus A321 made an emergency diversion in flight after a crew member suffered a heart attack. The flight was scheduled to fly from Bahrain International Airport (BAH) to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG).

After the crew member was taken ill, the flight made an emergency diversion to Iraq’s Erbil International Airport (EBL), where the crew member was rushed to the local hospital. Unfortunately, the crew member was declared dead by Erbil’s medical services shortly afterward.

Around that very same time period, a US pilot died suddenly shortly after takeoff from Chicago O’Hare.

CBS News:

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating after an American Eagle pilot suffered a medical emergency shortly after taking off from O’Hare International Airport this past Saturday night.

The pilot of American Eagle (Envoy) Flight 3556 later died at an area hospital.

The copilot was heard calmly telling air traffic controllers about what had happened, and requesting paramedics.

Back in June a Scottish pilot became suddenly ill and locked himself in the bathroom. The co-pilot had to make an emergency landing.

From Mirror UK: 

An easyJet flight was forced to make an emergency landing when the pilot fell ill and reportedly rushed to the loo mid-air.

EasyJet flight EZY6938 was approaching Edinburgh Airport in the early hours of Sunday morning after flying from Heraklion in Greece.

The crew sent out a Live Squawk 700 alert, which was a request for an expedited landing.

The first officer took control of the craft around 1.20am.
Passengers said the pilot was seen entering the toilet and did not come out until it had landed.

EasyJet confirmed that the first officer did land the plane, but did not say whether the captain remained in the toilet until after the plane had landed.

This Rumble video from TOGA asks, “Do 30 percent of pilots have heart damage from the jab?”

Meanwhile, many so-called “experts” are trying to steer blame away from the vaccine, and instead are blaming it on COVID.

But Steve says that’s another lie:

There are several clues that are consistent with “it was the vaccine and not COVID”:
1. They were quiet about it. If it was COVID, you can be public. But the vaccine is supposed to be safe.
2. The timing. October 2022 is late for COVID. If it was due to COVID, it would have happened well before now. They can make changes every month.
3. The vaccine creates far more injury to the heart than COVID (which creates NO added risk per this large-scale Israeli study of 196,992 unvaccinated adults after Covid infection).
4. Anecdotally, cardiologists only started to notice the damage post-vaccine.
5. All the sudden deaths started post-vaccine.

Conservative online influencer Juanita Broaddrick posed an interesting question on this very topic recently:

Interested to hear how you feel about that. Should pilots disclose their vaccination status to the public?

This is definitely a hotbed issue with many layers and sides. And this information is very disturbing and certainly won’t help to calm any nervous would-be flyers out there.

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