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About a month has passed since Elon Musk made the call to restore President Trump’s account and his more than 59,000 tweets (see Revolver’s list of the best here). Ever since, the account has sat as a sleeping giant — dormant, silent, motionless, as 87.8 million followers look on.

Until recently, Trump himself had said virtually nothing about this state of affairs. In October, three weeks before his unbanning, Trump announced he was staying on Truth Social.

President Trump’s bombshell conversation with Revolver News’ own Darren Beattie represents the first time that the President has commented extensively on his Twitter reinstatement. Check out the following clips:

Beattie pointed out that the Deep State would like nothing more than to keep Trump off of Twitter, and speculated that Elon Musk himself, despite business interests, may have an ego investment preventing Trump from coming back on the platform and unseating Elon as the top Tweeter:

We fully understand the reasons Trump has for wanting to stay at Truth: It’s his own baby, his home, and it truly is superior to Twitter in many respects.

Despite these factors, a Trump return to Twitter would represent nothing less than a triumphal march.

It would signal the return of a true king to his castle after corrupt, incompetent, clownish evildoers had driven him away. And if Trump wants to complete his victorious return, by marching all the way back into the White House that was snatched from him by such underhanded means two years ago, then going back to Twitter is a crucial step along the way. 

Here are some key reasons why Trump must return to Twitter, the global public square:

1. Twitter is the world’s biggest platform for the world’s biggest name.

Bank robber Willie Sutton supposedly said that he robbed banks because “that’s where the money is.”

The same concept applies here. Why post on Twitter? Because that’s where the people are. Why campaign on Twitter? Because that’s where the voters are. About 240 million people use Twitter every day, with more of them in America than any other country. But that undersells it.

When it comes to speech, there simply is nothing like Twitter, period. Facebook or Instagram or YouTube are technically larger. But if you want one message to be heard by as many people as possible as quickly as possible, Twitter is the place to do it. Twitter is where content goes viral instantly. Nobody understood that concept better than Donald Trump during his first presidential run.

Truth Social might not censor Trump, but facts are facts: Twitter is the global public square.

2. Only Twitter gets around the media’s blackout strategy.

After Donald Trump won in 2016, the press blamed itself, pointing toward the billions of dollars in free media their breathless coverage gave to Trump.

For this cycle, the press is determined to not make the same mistake.

Even Fox News has all but signaled its intention to participate in the Trump media blackout:

Fox News on Tuesday briefly cut away from live continuous coverage of former President Trump’s speech announcing his candidacy for president in 2024, while MSNBC gave the speech no live screen time.

The network, which has shied away from covering Trump rallies and other events featuring him live since he left the White House, carried Trump’s remarks for longer than any of the three major cable channels before it broke away.

[The Hill] 

So far, at least, the press has (mostly) been maintaining discipline. They still cover Trump, of course, but they are more selective. They do not breathlessly hang on his every word. They’ve become better at focusing on stories that are truly harmful for Trump, while refusing to do the work of spreading his message for him.

How can Trump fix that? By getting back onto Twitter!

Back in March 2017, President Trump gave an interview to Fox’s Tucker Carlson, in which the two had a lengthy discussion about Trump’s Twitter account. Carlson plainly thought the president’s tweeting was hampering Trump’s nascent administration, and probed whether it might be possible for Trump to speak on there less. In his response (condensed somewhat below), Trump showed an astute understanding of the benefit his Twitter gave him.

Carlson: Do you talk to anyone before you tweet? And is there anyone in the White House who can say to you, Mr. President, please do not tweet that. Who you would listen to?

Trump: Well, let me say this about tweeting, I think that maybe I would not be here if it wasn’t for twitter. Because I get such a fake press, such a dishonest press. … [W]hen I have close to 100 million people watching me on Twitter, including Facebook, including all of the — Instagram, including POTUS, including lots of things. But we have, you know, I guess pretty close to 100 million people. I have my own form of media. So, you know, if I tweet two or three or four or five times a day, and if most of them are good — I really want them all to be good but if I make one mistake in a month, this one, I don’t think is going to prove to be a mistake at all.

…Take a look at what is going on with CBS, and NBC in particular, and ABC, take a look at CNN, it’s a complete hit job. No matter what you do, no matter how good, no matter how great it is, they do not report it in a positive fashion. So, when I can reach — whether it’s 90 million or 100 million or 80 million, however many people that may turn out to be when you add everything up and then of course it gets disseminated from there, when I can reach that many people – – twitter is a wonderful thing for me because I get the word out.


Trump was right then, and the same idea is equally true today. The only way Trump can present his message without distortion or media sabotage is by speaking to the public directly. And by far the best place to speak to the public directly is on Twitter.

3. The Twitter Leaks show how important keeping Trump off Twitter is to his enemies. 

One of the major revelations of Elon Musk’s recent “Twitter Files” is just how intense the push to take President Trump off of Twitter was.

The most revealing part of the Twitter Files so far, as they relate to Trump, has been Part 4, released by Michael Shellenberger. Shellenberger’s wave of internal documents demonstrated that banning Trump was so important that Twitter changed its own rules for the exclusive purpose of banning Trump and no one else.

Twitter’s own senior executives admitted that they had no valid grounds for banning Trump. But it happened anyway, purely because of how intense the anti-Trump venom was, at Twitter and in the wider liberal world.

Once the ban was in place, Twitter employees celebrated.

The Trump Twitter ban, of course, was just one piece of a wider, systematic deplatforming of the president after January 6. Facebook banned him, as did YouTube, and he even lost the ability to contact his massive email list of supporters.

For the regime left, the deplatforming was and remains one of their proudest achievements. For Trump to complete the reversal of that, and return to his most powerful abode, would be a blow against them.

Put another way: Both the press and all the now-fired apparatchiks of old Twitter wish that Trump would stay off Twitter. So isn’t that a strong indicator by itself that he should come back?

4. Trump can still maintain a separate presence on Truth Social. 

It could be that Trump is bound by a strict contract with Truth Social, which requires him to only use that website for his short-format social media posts.

But if Trump is merely worried about abandoning a project that is tied so closely to him, he has other options. He could recognize that Truth is his ideal platform for communicating with his most enthusiastic base, while Twitter is his hotline to the broader public. Trump’s recent NFT sale announcement? That’s perfect content for Truth. So would something like an AMA with eager supporters, or hype videos.

But when Trump is speaking about the problems of Joe Biden’s America — the border disaster, inflation, crime, and so on — he should be speaking where the most people possible are able to hear him.

As we’ve said earlier: Truth is home. Twitter is the battlefield. And America needs Trump on the battlefield.

5. The people want it.

It’s the simplest reason, but no less valid for that. Elon Musk held a poll directly on Twitter. More than 134 million people at least saw the poll. More than 15 million of them voted in it. And in the end, by a 51.8% to 48.2% margin, the public wanted him back.

President Trump’s best moments as a politician and president came when he gave his base what they wanted.

So why not give the people what they want again, Donald? Take the plunge. Make the tweets and change the world yet again.