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MSNBC Host Yasmin Vossoughian made a shocking admission on-air recently.

The 44 year old avid runner and yoga aficionado announced that she has developed Myocarditis.

She said it all started just before Christmas, when she began having chest pains that would come and go.

When things got worse, and she actually felt as if she were having a heard attack, she went to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with Myocarditis.

How on earth did this happen? Well, Yasmin was told by doctors that she got it from a virus…

The common cold.


As you can imagine, there were many comments on this video:

“Big Pharma owns the complicit media,. Think of all the commercial air time they purchase, you know the advertisements that tell you the drug’s numerous side effects?”

“She knows…”

“Imagine lying to yourself and trying to believe it”

“I don’t know how dedicated she is, but folks in the MSM have been following orders in lockstep for a long time.”
“She’s both a moron and a puppet”

“It takes a woman with real spine to tell what exactly happened instead of white washing her tragedy.”

“She’s protecting that advertising money. I just don’t understand how she can lie to her audience like that – knowing she is putting them at risk by her lies. It’s disgusting.”

Whatever is going on with Ms. Vossoughian and so many others in America and all over the world, we hope that they get answers and get healthy.

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