There has been tremendous focus on the COVID-19 vaccine as of late, thanks to the disturbing rise in “sudden heart attacks” and deaths across the nation, and the world.

Cedars Sinai:

New data analysis from the Smidt Heart Institute at Cedars-Sinai found that deaths from heart attacks rose significantly during pandemic surges, including the COVID-19 Omicron surges, overall reversing a heart-healthier pre-pandemic trend.

Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, heart attacks were the leading cause of death worldwide but were steadily on the decline. However, the new study—recently published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Medical Virology—shows that heart attack death rates took a sharp turn and increased for all age groups during the pandemic.

As young, and seemingly healthy people continue to drop like flies, the Pfizer vaccine has become the giant white elephant in the room that the media and so-called experts don’t want to talk about.

But there’s something going on, and even the people who staunchly supported the vaccine are now having their  doubts.

One of those people is none other than Elon Musk, who early on was a big proponent of the vaccine, and encouraged everyone to “do their part” and get vaccinated.

Elon is finally coming clean about what the jab did to him, and his family, and it’s scary.

He shared two powerful tweets on Twitter and got quite a conversation going as a result.

Elon was responding to a tweet from Scott Adams, another person who staunchly supported the vaccines early on and even attacked anyone who refused to get the jab.

Scott shared a Rasmussen tweet regarding very startling and serious vaccine side effects.

Scott asked, “How do we interpret this?”

And here’s what Elon said in response:

So many young and healthy people are suffering now…

Here are some of the comments from folks online:

“I’m still intrigued by how many intelligent people got duped into taking these? Perhaps it’s my background in molecular biology that made me suspect to this technology But so many people I thought would easily see through it all fell for it, but how? I’m still perplexed”

“I am amazed at how many brilliant people took the Vaccine. I wish you good health and no complications.”

“Fauci previously said an AIDS vaccine wasn’t happening because they didn’t know if “all hell would break loose” 12 years later with side effects. How is he + the medical community so sure now that we aren’t going to see all he’ll break loose on the most rushed vaccine in history?”

“What adds insult to injury is how most vaccine injured people are treated by doctors who dismiss vaccine causing side effects because they don’t want to rock the boat with big pharma.”

“When I got my first one it felt awful. Never again.”

Dr. Peter McCullough saw Elon’s tweet and said this:

“Elon, this is called “reactogenicity” which is about 80x from shot 1 to shot 2. It goes up even further on shot 3. CDC V-safe data show 7-8% of Americans get so sick they have to go to the hospital. Time is on your side for resolution of concern provided no more injections.”

As the tide begins to slowly turn, look for more and more people to start coming out and telling the truth about what happened to them when they took the vaccine.

And keep in mind, a lot of folks who took the vaccine, did so reluctantly so they wouldn’t lose their jobs, or so they could see their grandkids.