As you likely know by now, there’s a big online beef going on between podcaster Steven Crowder and Daily Wire owner Ben Shapiro.

In case you’re not clued-in, here’s some background on what went down.


Steven Crowder has accused conservative media outlets like The Daily Wire of conspiring with tech companies to censor conservative views after the company offered Crowder a $50 million deal that would cut his compensation if his social media channels were demonetized or boycotted, which Crowder called a “slave contract.”

In a video posted online this week, Crowder said some outlets were “in bed with” tech companies and were colluding to ultimately demonetize and censor right wing views on social media platforms, though he didn’t name any outlets specifically.

Crowder also showed excerpts of a contract from one company — later confirmed to be The Daily Wire — with the compensation penalizations if his programming faced loss of advertising revenue — including from advertiser boycotts or if Crowder’s channels were demonetized by social media platforms.

Ben Shapiro responded to the controversy in a video:

And one comedian by the name of Tyler Fischer is cashing in on all the drama by posting a hilarious mockery of Ben Shapiro’s video response, complete with the high-pitched/nasally voice and some added extras that you’ll likely find rather funny.

This guy is fantastic.

Here’s some other clever videos from Tyler.

This is Tyler’s impression of Jordon Peterson lecturing about the importance of cleaning your room:

In this clip, Tyler turns into “Taylor” and celebrates “day 1” of “girlhood”:

And Tyler’s roasting of the COVID vaccine is awesome:

If you want to check out more from this talented comedian, please visit his YouTube page. You can do that here.