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If the Fedsurrection could be boiled down to one piece of iconic footage, the clip of Ray Epps urging a crowd to to into the Capitol on the eve of January 6 would likely receive top billing. Arguably the best part of the footage is that it makes clear how out of touch Epps’ bizarre suggestion is to the crowd — so out of touch that the immediate reaction of the crowd around Epps is to point at him and chant, “Fed Fed Fed.”

Trump himself referred to this particular piece of footage as a “classic” in his recent bombshell interview with Revolver News’ Darren Beattie:

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Given the amount of attention this clip has received, it is safe to say it is one of the most influential political videos of the past two years, seen by tens of millions of people. This footage played in integral role in Revolver News’ now classic series on Ray Epps.

Tim Gionet, the man responsible for this footage, and the man who led the “Fed Fed Fed” chant against Epps, reached out to Revolver News and agreed to a written interview. Gionet is perhaps better known by his internet name “Baked Alaska,” under which moniker he gained fame and notoriety as an internet personality and “live streamer” at various political events across the nation. He plead guilty to a number of January 6 offenses, including Parading, Demonstrating, Picketing in a Capitol Building, and was sentenced yesterday to 60 days in prison.

As it turns out, Baked Alaska and Ray Epps lived in the same small town in Queen Creek, Arizona. There is video of Epps and Baked Alaska chatting on the evening of January 5th, upon discovering they were from the same small Arizona town. There is other footage of Baked Alaska and Epps briefly interacting at some political event in Arizona prior to January 6th. The existence of such footage has led to speculation and suspicion that Baked Alaska knew Ray Epps prior to January 6.

In an even more bizarre twist, Baked Alaska reported during a livestream that federal agents attempted to contact him immediately prior to January 6th. This is especially interesting in light of the now forgotten warning that colorful media personality Milo Yianoppolous issued on Parler immediately prior to the 6th:

Here is the Baked Alaska stream in question:

Given these bizarre data points and the indispensable role that Baked Alaska’s footage has played in the public’s understanding of Ray Epps, we thought it would be helpful to get Baked’s version of events directly from the source. We asked him about all of the above and he provided the following statement shortly before his sentencing:

Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my story, Darren. I really, really appreciate it. As many of you know, I was actually sentenced to 60 days in federal prison for live streaming inside the Capitol. A nonviolent crime. I didn’t touch anybody, I didn’t deface any property, I didn’t loot or steal; in fact, I encouraged others inside the Capitol to not break anything as admitted in my criminal complaint. As I walked out of the court room I was overwhelmed with the spirit of God and felt so much love. I know I was chosen to sacrifice part of my life to spread the truth. I met Ashli Babbitt’s mom and Nicole Reffitt—two amazing ladies who have witnessed the ultimate sacrifice and also one whose husband is in jail for 7.5 years due to J6. I was absolutely humbled by their love and positivity and gave them a huge hug. It was incredible they came to my hearing to support me.

Ok—so Ray Epps. Long story so bare with me here. So let’s start on January 5th. I was living in Queen Creek, Arizona at the time and was preparing to go to J6 as the final stop the steal event. I had live streamed all previous stop the steal events, and was in large support for what Ali Alexander, Nick Fuentes, & many others put together.

On the way to the airport I got a call from the FBI. I seriously thought this was a prank call and told the lady to email me from an official FBI email if it was really them. Sure enough, it really is we the FBI , specifically a lady by the name Meghan O’Rees, and she said she was in Queen Creek wanting to speak with me. Now the first red flag, was that Queen Creek is a very small town outside of Phoenix and I had never met ANYONE from that town when I was out traveling until Jan 5th. Yup, you guessed it. I uncovered two years ago that Ray Epps was also from Queen Creek! This random little town that I lived in. So what are the chances that the FBI tries to meet with me in Queen Creek on Jan 5th as I’m on the way to the airport to fly to DC, and later I find out it’s exactly where Ray Epps is from as I famously called him a fed right to his face?

Back to Meghan O’Rees, the lesbian FBI agent who seems to be obsessed with me and Ricky Vaughn. So Meghan asked to meet with me in Queen Creek, yet she is from the district of New York. So she flew all the way across the country to meet with me on Jan 5th, hours before I exposed Ray Epps, and one day before the Capitol riots. I asked Meghan what she wanted to meet about and she said she would only tell me in person. I consulted my attorney and he advised me if they have no warrant don’t talk. They didn’t have a warrant so I said no thanks and hung up the phone.

Fast forward to D.C. I was live streaming outside BLM Plaza as Antifa started to attack the Pro Trump crowd. The cops came between the crowds, but were defending antifa even though they were actively assaulting us. So there was a big argument between the pro Trump crowd and the police. At that point a guy by the name of Ray Epps came up to me and said “NONE OF THIS MATTERS” the only thing matters is tomorrow we must “GO IN- TO THE CAPITOL”. Now I’ve live streamed thousands and thousands of people and when someone says something wacky or off the wall I tend to use one of my catchphrases as I said “Letsss gooooooo” in the footage. I then was weirded out by Epps and told him to go away as I walked away from him. But Epps kept following me around!! Which my attorney thinks it’s possible Epps was monitoring me via the feds. Epps showed up in a previous video I streamed at the Phoenix Stop the Steal event, walked by and said something which I don’t remember the interaction at all. The fact that people are insinuating I somehow knew Epps beforehand is absolutely ludicrous. People also try to call ME a fed, which is insane because I’m the one out here exposing feds like Ray Epps. I think there’s been a coordinated op to discredit me by the feds specifically because I blew the lid on the Ray Epps story. Without Baked Alaska, there is no Ray Epps story. Without me famously chanting “Fed Fed Fed,” there is no Ray Epps narrative. I’m also the one spending 60 days in jail, spent a week in solitary confinement in federal prison and months on house arrest with an ankle monitor. They don’t do that to feds. If you want to know what they do to feds, look at Ray Epps—who was never charged, arrested, or detained. To the contrary, Epps has been propped up by the establishment and received puff pieces by the New York Times and J6 commission.

Back to Epps. So Epps keeps following me around. And he was saying the same exact phrases over and over like it was a script. When he said it the 2nd or 3rd time, it clicked in my head and I thought “wow this guy is most likely a federal informant stirring up trouble”. He said he would most likely go to jail for saying this and then said again with more might conducting the crowd “tomorrow we must GO IN TO THE CAPITOL” . Which at that point as seen on the famous footage I scream “nooooooooo” and chant straight to his face “FED FED FED.” The entire crowd starting chanting with me, because they had all heard and seen his behavior. And while we told him to go away and stop, Epps was determined to continue with the same script.

Recently in court Epps was blaming and gaslighting me for his actions and even had the audacity to somehow infer the footage of me was doctored. Well, first of all, we have a 2nd angle thanks to my great roommate Woozuh with the long blonde hair, and I had thousands of people watching live who saw the whole thing unfold in real time. No, it wasn’t a hologram of Baked Alaska, I can assure you I was there and it actually happened as seen on the famous footage lol.

I never saw Ray Epps on the 6th, but later I found out about him being at the front of the barricades when the initial breach happened whispering in people’s ears directing them what to do. Then I find out he was a leader in the Oathkeepers which is crawling with informants… then I find out he’s from Queen Creek & the FBI was also in Queen Creek trying to meet with me on Jan 5th. So you could probably understand why this whole situation creeped me out and only vindicated my initial instincts.

The reality is this: They’re not going after Baked Alaska, or Trump, or any of the other J6 defendants. What they’re going after is the human spirit. We can all feel it. They said themselves they were going after the influencers first to create a feeling of “shock and awe.” What that means is they want to destroy our spirit with fear, they want to silence us, not with censorship, but with fear of retribution. They want to imprison us, not literally, but spiritually. They want us to be just like them: Subservient, docile, and helpful to their liberal imperial agenda. It isn’t about me, Trump, or any other individual — it is about that spirit we all collectively feel. These people are trying to stop the resurrection of Jesus Christ in the hearts and minds of Americans, and they use the public persecution of those who stand in their way not as a means to enact justice own an individual scale, but as a way to create a chilling effect on society at large.

If Christ were walking this earth in physical form today, he would be publicly humiliated, physically assaulted, and condemned by both Republicans and Democrats alike as a trouble maker and a crazy person. That is what they did to Him over 2,000 years ago, and that is what they do to the American people every day of our waking lives.

They want to stop the spirit of Jesus Christ from resurrecting. But I promise you, no amount of prison time, no amount of “shock and awe” will stop the will of God.

I hope my story can inspire people. I love everyone and I give all glory to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for letting me tell my story. RIP Ashli Babbit. I pray that we continue to fight for the truth no matter the cost and that God leads our every move.

I stream M-F 5pm eastern on and you can follow me on Twitter @bakedalaska. You can contribute to my legal defense fund at

Thank you so much for your time and God Bless.