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The big tech layoffs are coming fast and furious, and Gen Z and Millennials are the hardest hit.

Here’s the damage thus far:

Google – 12,000 jobs
Microsoft – 10,000 jobs
Amazon – 18,000 jobs
Salesforce – 8,000 jobs
Goldman Sachs – 3,200 jobs
Meta – 11,000 jobs

Meanwhile, Joe Biden wants to remind you that his economic policies are working swell.

But before you go feeling too sorry for these recently unemployed “hard workers,” you might want to take a peek at what’s really going on inside these Big Tech la la lands.

In case you’re wondering why people are getting laid off from their big tech jobs, take a look at a “Day in The Life” of your average Google “worker” and ask yourself if this is the type of employee who will boost your bottom line…

In the video, a young woman and her coworker worked for about “two minutes,” and the rest of their day was spent eating, playing games and taking a well-deserved snooze in a designated “nap pod.”

Yes, all those big meals and ping pong games would make anyone tired…

Honestly, this looks like an adult daycare, not a place of serious business. Yet, these are the people influencing elections and our lives through censorship, propaganda, and cherry-picked news.


Furthermore, these humble-brag “Day in the Life” videos have done nothing to hep big techs sullied reputation as a haven for clueless, left-wing ding-a-lings and spoiled brats.

You have to wonder if posting one of these narcissistic videos put some folks on a fast-track for a “pink-slip.”

Many people are thinking that’s the case.

It’s starting to feel as if this meme has come to life:

Speaking of pink-slips, here’s another “Day in the life” brag-fest. This one is coming to us from the LA Google HQ, and the plot twist here is this young lady did a somber follow up video after she was laid off.

And as we continue with that same (hilarious) theme, this young lady who also made a “Day in the Life” video, updated her status at the end, advising she was also laid off.


There are so many sad trombones blowing, it’s hard to keep up…here are more laid off people, but the videos are all the same – they go from eating a fabulous kale salad with miso dressing to standing in the unemployment line.

And it’s not just big tech who are getting shafted right now, left-wingers working in media are also getting the ol’ bootski.

This Vox reporter was just told to put an egg in her shoe and beat it.


Yikes. Sounds like a lot of instability in the world of left-wing la la lands. Let’s hope that trend keeps up for the sake of reinstating truth and honestly in the world.

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