Kanye West just wrapped up a controversial appearance on the Alex Jones show with sidekick Nick Fuentes, and the internet has exploded.

Kanye appeared on the show wearing a leather jacket and some kind of gimp mask over his face.

Kanye shocked and outraged the internet with comments like these.

Kanye reveled in the controversy, declaring “send in the clowns.” Alex Jones then played the song “Send in the Clowns”.

A recurring theme of the interview was Kanye’s struggle against pornography.

Laura Loomer called in to make things interesting. As a Jewish woman, Loomer defended Kanye, Alex Jones, and Nick Fuentes’ right to speak, no matter how controversial.

Kanye declared he loves everyone, and he means everyone.

More stunning and controversial comments.

Kanye went on.

Kanye also let Alex Jones and Nick Fuentes tweet.

Kanye West pulled out some props and did a puppet show-style bit with NET and YAHOO. Get it?

Alex Jones hilariously put on a mask to match Kanye.


The memes were flying around.


Some inside details about the Trump dinner.

The Alex Jones website is currently experiencing issues, but we will bring you the link to the full interview whenever it becomes available.

UPDATE: Full video link available on Bitchute here.

The interview is also available in four parts. here’s part one:

Here’s part two:

Here’s part three:

Here’s part four:

Liberals took to Twitter to demand that Alex Jones be completely shut down. Free speech?

Roxane then called on somebody to put Kanye in “check”.

Take away the “oxygen”?

Drudge featured the interview straight on the front page.

Interesting timeline.