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Dr. Wen, a Shanghai-born career health administrator, was a hardcore lockdowner and vaxx pusher during civilization’s recent unfortunate episode. Here she is pushing the vaxx pass:

Here she is advocating masks and shots for kids in Fall 2021, “the most dangerous time in the pandemic”:

So we were shocked last week to find her advocating on behalf of free choice for military personnel in the Washington Post:

It’s time for the Biden administration to end the vaccine mandate for service members. And businesses, universities, schools and other entities that were once justified in implementing these requirements should consider removing them, too.

Public health policy needs to adjust based on evolving science and changing circumstances. When the coronavirus vaccines were first made available, there was a compelling case for requiring them. Initial data showed that they reduced infections by more than 90 percent. In the fall of 2021, when the Pentagon announced its vaccine requirement, an unvaccinated person was five times more likely to be infected compared with someone who was vaccinated.

In other words, if you weren’t vaccinated, you were five times more likely to be infected, and therefore to transmit, the coronavirus to others. In the military, and in other settings involving close contact, such as workplaces and schools, it made sense to implement a measure that protected others.

Things changed with the arrival of omicron. For months, research has shown that while the vaccines provide excellent protection against hospitalization and death, their effectiveness in reducing infection against the omicron subvariants is low and not lasting. One recent study, in Nature Communications, found that effectiveness against infection was about 50 percent in the first three months after vaccination but declined to around 10 percent or below thereafter. Another one, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that there was no difference in infection rates between people who received two doses of the vaccine six months earlier and those who remained unvaccinated.

What about the new bivalent booster that’s designed to target omicron? Again, while protection against severe illness appears strong, effectiveness against infection is not. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 18-to-49-year-olds who received a bivalent booster on top of two or more previous vaccines had a 43 percent reduction in infection compared with those who did not get the booster. For those 50 to 65 years old, that dropped to 28 percent; for those 65 and older, the added effectiveness was just 22 percent.
Importantly, the CDC data only encompassed a two-month period following the booster. Effectiveness against infection likely wanes quickly after that. After six months, if the increase in protection were, say, 10 percent or less, is that enough to justify a mandate?

Leana Wen sounds downright reasonable here. Perhaps her inner Tiger Mom overcame her inner Regime Shill? Still, don’t forget: it took her a year longer than Alex Berenson and company to come to the right conclusions.

President Biden was strong-armed by Kevin McCarthy and relented last week in accepting a defense budget last week that repealed the military’s mandate, so that debate is over. However, in a follow-up column, Dr. Wen finally acknowledged the hard truths of natural immunity:

… I hope my proposed compromise might change how people think about coronavirus vaccines. It’s crucial to discuss immunity from infection, because abundant research shows natural immunity conveys excellent protection against covid. One Centers for Disease Control and Prevention study found that vaccinated people who never had covid were at least three times as likely to be infected as unvaccinated people with prior infection. And a Lancet study found that those who were vaccinated but never had covid were four times as likely to have severe illness resulting in hospitalization or death compared to the unvaccinated who recovered from it.

Protection from natural immunity also wanes at a slower rate than from vaccination. A recent large Israeli study published in the New England Journal of Medicine compared two groups of people: one that had been vaccinated and never had covid before, and another that never received vaccines but had recently recovered from covid. The results are striking: Two months after their shots, members of the first group had twice the number of infections as the second. And after six months, the first group’s infection rate was nearly three times higher than the second’s.

According to a CDC analysis, more than 90 percent of adolescents have contracted the virus. Of the estimated 8,000 troops who have been discharged for not being vaccinated against covid, the vast majority probably have recovered from the coronavirus and have better protection than those never infected and who received the two required inoculations, but who are allowed to continue serving.

Wen even goes on to admit that myocarditis is a particular risk for young men, but it’s all too little too late. Dr. Wen and her ilk conspired with the FBI and Big Tech to suppress these very facts that we needed to make sound decisions about how to respond to a novel pathogen. Their totalitarian streak cost us our freedom of movement, freedom of association, and our bodily autonomy, and as Revolver and others knew in real time, none of it was ever worth it:

The COVID-19 lockdown measures that Americans have had to endure for the greater part of 2020 represent one of the most dramatic, consequential, and damaging policy measures undertaken in this nation’s history. For the first time in its history, America has experienced a situation so crippling and perilous that long term financial and social stability have been legitimately threatened.

No, we won’t forgive and forget.

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