In the most explosive tranche of Twitter files yet, journalist Matt Taibbi dropped internal communications giving unprecedented insight into Twitter’s decision to ban President Donald Trump’s account

The decision to remove a sitting President from Twitter was an historic act of censorship for a major tech platform

Twitter used standard censorship tools prior to January 6, but as January 6 approached high-level Twitter employees met with government officials with increasing frequency

Twitter head censor (head of Trust and Safety) joking about his frequent meetings with FBI


In fact, Twitter head of Trust and Safety Roth met with officials in multiple federal intelligence agencies

Here we get direct confirmation that the FBI was flagging specific tweets related to election results for censorship

In all of the files Taibbi looked at, there was not a single request for censorship by Trump… all of the censorship requests came from Biden, Intelligence agencies, FBI, and other left wing groups

In an example of just how crazy Twitter employees were, we get a glimpse of their reaction to a clear joke tweet by former Governor Mike Huckabee

More censorship of anyone who dared notice potential problems with mail-in voting

On the flip side, no left wing conspiracy theory is outlandish enough to induce Twitter to consider applying any moderation standards in the other direction

We will follow up as this story develops…