The Pentagon continues to mandate the worthless and dangerous clot shots for enlisted men and women, who due to their age and weight limits, have never been at serious risk from Covid. From the Washington Times:

On Thursday, Pentagon spokesman Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder said the controversial policy is needed to protect the nation’s security.

“As a warfighting organization, the health and readiness of our force is paramount. Vaccination for COVID is still a requirement,” Gen. Ryder told reporters at the Pentagon, refusing to comment on any possible legislation to force an end to the mandate.

“We’re going to ensure that our forces are properly vaccinated to be able to carry out their wartime mission,” Gen. Ryder added.

Senator Ron Johnson is pushing to withhold funding if the brass don’t scrap the vaxx.

At this point, the mandate only makes sense as a hazing ritual, or as a loyalty test to filter out conservatives and free thinkers.