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Ann Collier, a member of Twitter’s “Trust and Safety Council” announced that she and two of her colleagues just resigned in protest over Elon Musk’s handling of Twitter safety, even though Elon says “hate speech,” if there is such a thing, has declined though the month of November.

Ann tagged the two other members who resigned in her tweet, and as a result, she inadvertently revealed a dirty little secret…

It turns out that Hillary Clinton’s former campaign CEO, John Podesta, had a niece who worked at Twitter, until she quit yesterday.

Sometimes the trash takes itself out.

And if that’s not partisan enough for you, Anthony Fauci recently revealed that his daughter worked at Twitter during the pandemic.

Of course she did…

Seems like the entire Globalist American Empire had their family members working inside Twitter.

Even worse, Podesta’s niece and the entire Trust and Safety Team were supposed to be tasked with removing child porn—a task at which they failed miserably.

Elon is pissed.

It all makes you ponder, doesn’t it?

There’s something else that’s revealing in their cutesy little resignation letter.

The First Amendment? America First? More like America Last.

My what a tangled web we weave…