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The legendary Roger Stone is back.

Why does it seem like Vijaya and the old Twitter regime neutered all the interesting voices, leaving the platform a sterile, sycophantic echo chamber?

Post Millennial:

Stone had been suspended from the platform under the previous regime after criticizing CNN anchor Don Lemon, calling him “dumber than dog sh*t,” among other names. Twitter said that his account had violated policies on abusive behavior.

He pointed out that he continues to be banned from Facebook as the result of “entirely false allegations” that he had been running hundreds of fake profiles.

Stone went on to explain that he had been “redeemed in the blood of the crucifixion of Jesus Christ” and as a result had changed his life in many ways.

“I’m certain when I go back and look there are things that I said that I will regret,” he continued, “but as President Richard Nixon said, ‘Never look backwards, always look forward,’ and that’s what I intend to do.”

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Here’s Twitter’s explanation for suspending Roger in the first place.


Welcome back, Roger.