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There are not a lot of people in America who speak Hungarian. And this might be a good thing for Dems, because the news coming out of Hungary isn’t all that good for Biden’s party.

There’s a very curious new scandal that’s been simmering away for a few months, and it’s really starting to pick up steam.

It involves the last Hungarian election, where Vitktor Orban  a man Biden once called a “thug,” won impressively.

According to some folks in the “know” inside Hungary, the US may have meddled in the election, to try to stop Orban from winning.

There’s a great piece about this scandal by Noah Carl in the Daily Sceptic.

Here’s some of what Noah has uncovered:

In a podcast discussion in August, opposition leader Péter Márki-Zay stated that his movement had recently received money “from America”, which was used to pay some of the campaign bills from the recent elections. The money, he explained, had come through an organization called Action for Democracy, which was set up in February.

These comments sparked controversy, since Hungarian electoral law prohibits parties from receiving money from abroad. In Hungary, funding for election campaigns is provided to each party through the state budget. Donations from private citizens are also allowed; though above a certain amount, the donor’s name must be made public.

When pressed for comment, Action for Democracy told Hungarian media they did not give any campaign funding, and only supported the opposition movement “as a civic organisation”. Yet critics were not persuaded by this defence. As one noted:

The Hungarian leader of the organization, Dávid Korányi, previously admitted that the Hungarian election inspired the establishment of the organization, and in relation to their operation, he emphasized that “we are trying to strengthen democratic forces in the elections of battleground states, including Hungary.” In other words, in March, the AFD was defined by its executive as an organization specifically focused on elections.

On the other hand, the opposition movement explicitly describes itself as a “movement”, rather than a political party, so the relevant prohibition against foreign funding may not apply. In any case, an investigation was launched owing to the apparent irregularities.

Although that investigation is ongoing, some initial findings have been declassified by the Hungarian parliament. Investigators discovered that the opposition movement received a much larger sum of money than initially believed – 1.8 billion forints (about $4.5 million) – and that some of it arrived before the elections took place.

Although the declassified documents comprise only part of the investigators’ report, they hint at the possibility of U.S. government involvement. Included among them is the following diagram, indicating the various individuals and organisations that are linked to Action for Democracy:

On the right-hand side is the National Endowment for Democracy – an organisation funded by the U.S. government and about which one of its former presidents said, “A lot of what we do today was done covertly 25 years ago by the CIA”. Little additional information is included in the declassified documents, aside from the following statement:

In 2014, the management of NED assessed that the Hungarian domestic political situation had become so worrying that an intensive thinking process began about resuming their activities in Hungary. If organization decides to re-appear in Hungary, does not wish to open an office in Hungary, rather, it is looking for Hungarian partners through whom it can implement its goals.

It’s therefore unclear whether the National Endowment for Democracy was involved in funding the opposition movement, or whether any claims to the effect are mere speculation.

Read the rest…

The name “Action for Democracy” just screams “Liberal Think Tank” — after all “Democracy” is their new favorite word.

Now, we don’t know what will become of this scandal.

Perhaps we will find out that this was yet another attempt from America to remove a “thug” they don’t like from government.

Or it could fizzle out into nothing.

But it’s worth keeping an eye on. After all, the left’s tentacles are so far-reaching.

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