We can’t unburn the Library of Alexandria. We can’t restore the Parthenon. The lost plays of Sophocles and the vanished histories of Livy are, in all likelihood, vanished forever.

But today, the whole world can feel joy, for another transcendent work of art is returned to us: Elon Musk has unbanned President Donald Trump’s Twitter account and his more than 59,000 tweets, the tweets that carried him to the Republican nomination, the White House, and immortality.

Of course, the haters and losers are absolutely apoplectic, like demons who can only wail and shrivel in agony when confronted by the light of God.

No worries, Derrick: today, God truly is helping us all.

Everybody should spend an hour or two simply scrolling through the President’s collected tweets. But for our part, here are Revolver’s picks for the best of the best of Trump’s wit and wisdom:

22. Amen… 

21. He saw the truth so quickly…

20. Good life strategy.



17. Hey, that IS weird…


15. Our president is impeccably polite…

14. Always a prophet…




10. Better foreign policy insights than anyone in Washington…

9. The right choice.

8. Shameful!




4. It’s like he knew…


The above, by the way, was followed by one of the President’s best-ever retorts:

2. Where it all began?

And finally, at Number 1:


Glad to have you back, Mr. President.