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Shopify is a publicly-traded Canadian e-commerce company based in Ottawa, Ontario that refuses to “cancel” its customers because a baying, drooling, woke mob of mostly trannies on Twitter demands it.

From the biased liberal state media outlet CBC:

The Ottawa-based e-commerce company Shopify Inc. says it won’t withdraw its services from the online store of multiple anti-LGBTQ social media accounts despite some public outcry.

All of the merchandise (a T-shirt and two mugs) recently listed on the Libs of TikTok online store — powered by Shopify — is branded with the words “STOP GROOMING OUR KIDS.”

In an emailed statement, Shopify said the Libs of TikTok online store “is not currently in violation” of Shopify’s rules.

“We host businesses of all stripes and sizes, with various worldviews,” wrote a Shopify spokesperson. “We take concerns around the merchants on our platform very seriously, and Shopify’s [Acceptable Use Policy] outlines the activities that are not permitted on our platform.”

In other words, they have an acceptable use policy that they apply without political fear or favor. Here’s the CEO:

All the typical characters are apoplectic. Here’s the Slumdog Commissar herself:

Elon Musk weighed in personally to praise Shopify and implicitly sh*t all over Nandini Jammi.

Of course, the Bolshevik sleeper cells within Shopify are trying to take it down from the inside:

Shopify is far from perfect. They have cancelled customers in the past thanks to woke outrage mobs:

In the past, the company has removed products or stores associated with the Proud Boys, QAnon, and others, including, for violating Shopify policy.

Still, it’s refreshing to see Shopify publicly rebuke Revolver’s favorite Dravidian Disinformation Diva…

Jammi is not taking it well, having a total apoplectic meltdown and threatening to report Spotify to the Canadian authorities for terrorism.

This takes being a glorified hall monitor to a whole new level.

She also wants Seb Gorka and Gateway Pundit cancelled.

The Slumdog Commissar also pretends to be a journalist as she slanders the Shopify COO.

The COO just happens to be an immigrant dissident from Iran, of course.

Nandini Jammi has a history of vitriol, slander, hatred and invective against anyone she disagrees with.

She’s quite the nasty woman.

Perhaps Elon Musk should consider deboosting and demonetizing Nanny Doodles for “hate speech”?

More on Nandini:

The George Soros-funded disinformatrix Nandini Jammi, who we previously affectionately christened “Nanny Doodles” , again took to Twitter over the weekend to spew nasty threats, invective, and slurs at Revolver News. This time, the classy and grateful immigrant bragged that “It took me less than 6 hours to get your entire website demonetized last time” and that it “Must be exhausting to know your marketing stack could collapse at any time. ?”.

It all started last Friday when Nandini went snooping around in our trash, slurring Revolver News as “white nationalist” and founder Darren Beattie as an “unkempt loser”.

Read the rest…

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