Joe Biden took to Union Station yesterday to give an unhinged rant about “ultra MAGA Republicans” and the “threat to OUR democracy.”

In other words, it’s an election season, and the Democrats are trying to paper over awful, unpopular, anti-American policy with crazed rhetoric.

Tucker Carlson was having none of it, describing a desperate Biden as grabbing a microphone to ‘bark at the rest of us for our moral failures.’

If you’ll watch the clip below, Joe Biden also hinted at how he’s going to steal the election: since more and more ballots in this country are cast by mail thanks to the Democrats illegal or barely legal shenanigans, it’s going to take several days to count the ballots.

It takes time to harvest ballots and stuff ballot boxes at centralized, specialized absentee ballot counting facilities.

Karl Rove might have tried to backstab the great MAGA renegade candidate Doug Mastriano, a 30-year veteran and colonel in the army, but Tucker is not on board with Rove’s crooked program. Tucker had the Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate so he could describe what he’s doing to try to stop the steal in Pennsylvania:

Pennsylvania has done basically nothing to secure its elections, thanks to the fact that the governor’s office, attorney general’s office, and secretary of state’s office are occupied by Democrats, so it’s definitely a prime target for Joe Biden to steal a senate seat and governor’s office.

Of course, another questionable, potentially stolen election just took place in Brazil. Tucker weighed in on how the socialist left in Brazil are trying to “fortify democracy.”

Questioning election results is no longer allowed in Brazil, at least on globalist-owned-and-occupied YouTube:

In other news, water is wet, and Joe Walsh is telling the world how moral and virtuous he is:

What a hero.

This Harvard tranny is still barking mad at Tucker:

Wasn’t it just two years ago that progressives explained to us that riots and firebombings are the language of the unheard? Guess they are bad now. Hopefully the DOJ doesn’t catch the guy in the above video or else he’ll get a zillion years in prison without a trial for offending the state LGBTQ+++ religion.