The German men’s soccer team went to Qatar and immediately decided to launch a protest over not being allowed to wear gay armbands.

Almost immediately after the protest, the German soccer team was shocked by minnow Japan.

A stunning late comeback from Japan saw four-time winners Germany fall to a shock defeat in their opening World Cup game in Qatar.

Germany dominated a frenetic match for large spells but failed to capitalise on their pressure – before Japan caused the Khalifa International Stadium to erupt into a mix of celebration and surprise.

Substitute Takuma Asano squeezed in a thumping strike from a tight angle to make it 2-1 to Japan and ran over to the photographers in the corner of the stadium in sheer delight.

There was a collective pause in the arena as the ball rolled down from the roof of the net before supporters realised it had gone in.



Maybe the Germans should have had some respect for the host nation of Qatar rather than focus on gay protests?

Of course, the globalists previously demanded that others respect their own libtarded values like forced experimental gene jabs for all.

The Japanese were wearing these cool uniforms.

The Japanese are all class.

Our hats go off to the Japanese.