The latest narrative from radical transvestites and their “allies” in mainstream media is that Tucker Carlson, Matt Walsh, Candace Owens, and Libs of TikTok “caused” a mass shooting in an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado Springs.

That’s right: they actually think that anyone reporting on their perversion and grooming is a terrorist who should be locked away in a gulag somewhere.

Reporting on radical and crazed perverted transvestites? They probably want Nina Jankowicz from the Disinformation Governance Board to haul you away in a paddy wagon.

This crazed Harvard tranny even claims that Matt Walsh is baying for the blood of more LGBTQ.

You see? Any time anyone criticizes anything the left cherishes, like grooming and perverting young children for profit and pleasure, it’s STOCHASTIC TERRORISM.

Revolver News extensively deconstructed the left’s lunatic “Stochastic Terrorism” narrative in an earlier must-read article, by the way.

Just yesterday, the converged and captured picked up on the narrative set forth from on high from their betters at Harvard.

America’s favorite gay state senator had this to say:

Of course, NBC News disinformatrix Brandy Zadrozny had to get in on the action.

Now, crazed leftists and mentally ill transvestites are even going online and writing death threats or wishing harm against Matt Walsh, Candace, Tucker, and Libs of TikTok. Here’s just a few examples:

Does that make Alejandra Caraballo and Brandy Zadrozny stochastic terrorists?

Dan Bongino picked up on the dynamic at play here.

Matt Walsh and Candace Owens weren’t just going to take this slander lying down, of course.

Walsh fired back on Twitter:

Good point. Walsh continued:

Left liberals certainly seem to never let a crisis go to waste, politically.

Candace Owens deconstructed the ridiculous nature of all the criticism:

Good on them for refusing to take this nonsense lying down, unlike Conservatism Inc. We definitely look forward to seeing Tucker Carlson’s response.

In other news, Balenciaga, which recently dropped Kanye West, is pushing more pedo grooming imagery on social media:

Slippery slope “fallacy”?

The good news? Project Veritas is back on Twitter and ready to investigate the pedo groomer agenda.

Could there be a more sinister reason, Harvard, NBC News, and the federal government are so unhinged over the growing grassroots populist movement against pedos and groomers?

Perhaps only time will tell.

Anyways, you should definitely read our Stochastic Terrorism piece if you haven’t already:

Liberals and the left have been stealthily and subversively designing a justification for sweeping speech crackdowns for the past decade, under the label of “stochastic terrorism.”

Stochastic-what? Ten years ago, nobody had even heard of this. But now, it’s everywhere…

Basically, “stochastic terrorism” is the idea that, when somebody on the right criticizes somebody, they aren’t really just making a political argument. Instead, they are trying to “stoke hatred” in the expectation that some random third party will be “radicalized” and then commit political violence on their behalf.

The final aspect of stochastic terrorism, the one which truly makes it perfect for the modern ruling class, is that the concept is founded entirely on projection. There is absolutely zero evidence that Donald Trump or Tucker Carlson have ever made a public statement for the purpose of “inciting violence.” The practice of decentralized violence as a tool of political intimidation is entirely limited to the left, and is used today by the regime to destroy its enemies.

The most genuine recent example of “stochastic” terror was the targeting of Supreme Court justices before and after the Dobbs decision reversing Roe v. Wade earlier this year.

But first, remember Chuck Schumer’s little threat to Brett Kavanaugh?


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