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The George Soros-funded disinformatrix Nandini Jammi, who we previously affectionately christened “Nanny Doodles” , again took to Twitter over the weekend to spew nasty threats, invective, and slurs at Revolver News. This time, the classy and grateful immigrant bragged that “It took me less than 6 hours to get your entire website demonetized last time” and that it “Must be exhausting to know your marketing stack could collapse at any time. ?”.

It all started last Friday when Nandini went snooping around in our trash, slurring Revolver News as “white nationalist” and founder Darren Beattie as an “unkempt loser”.

Nandini continued her invective into Saturday with more uber-professional behavior, inviting Dr. Beattie to “Be mad at yourself that you can’t find a working business model that doesn’t involve sneaking into a supply chain that doesn’t want you.”

Jammi appreciated her new nickname so generously given to her by Revolver as well.

Jammi then took aim once again at Revolver, and added in Seb Gorka this time, declaring that “they will never experience a successful business venture again…”

She then humbly threatened through implication that she can make our “marketing stack collapse at any time. ?”.

Nandini Jammi’s boasts of having defunded Revolver News are complete nonsense. Revolver is majority-funded by you, the people, through ad-free subscriptions and donations, and thanks to Jammi’s threats and invective, Revolver experienced massive fundraising success over the weekend.

Who knew that George Soros’ chambermaid would turn out to be our very best fundraiser?

As most anyone working in media knows, ad-funded revenue models are largely a thing of the past. The New York Times itself was finally able to stem its financial bleeding through moving away from a digital advertising model to a digital subscription model.

The good news is that, like the New York Times, Revolver News isn’t going anywhere, and we aren’t planning on going broke anytime soon. That’s largely thanks to you, the reader. Besides ad revenues, we are supported by countless generous Subscribers and Donors, which keeps the Disinformation-Intelligence-Military-Industrial-Complex at bay. If you subscribe to the annual version of our ad-free model, you will save $11 per year, and if you can afford more, please don’t hesitate to sign up for a recurring monthly donation. Whether you donate $1 or $1,000 every month, every bit helps fund our work to bring you the truth.