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When the CIA helped Google acquire the Keyhole satellite imagery software in 2004 now known as Google Earth, the CIA probably did not imagine it would one day be used by independent journalists to rebut dubious assertions put forward by the Justice Department and the FBI.

But such are the strange times in which we live.

After Revolver News’s investigative reports last month yielded irrefutable forensic evidence that the DOJ and FBI are withholding critical information regarding the so-called January 6th pipe bomber, we have decided to go one step further.

Using the 3D “street view” software available on Google Earth, we captured the precise walking path from the front door of the DNC building to the exact location where the DNC pipe bomb was placed. This walkthrough shows the DNC bomb was quite literally just around the corner from the DNC building’s main entrance, and right next to a security station.

Here is our walkthrough video, with analysis below:

Several interesting revelations emerge from the walkthrough video above.

The moment one turns the corner from the front entrance onto S. Capitol St., one sees the exact bench where the bomb was placed. This bench, along with its companion bench, were not tucked away in some obscure side street. It is clear from the positioning of the benches relative to the DNC building that they would have been used frequently by passers-by, pedestrians, and DNC employees alike. Indeed, anyone who decided to enjoy their morning coffee on either of those two rather clean and inviting park benches, anytime from 7 a.m. to noon on January 6, would very likely have spotted the pipe bomb that was allegedly planted by the bench the evening before. 

Illustration: What it would look like if anyone sat on the benches the morning of January 6th

Also readily apparent from the Google Earth walkthrough is the closeness of the pipe bomb location to the rear parking garage, and the entry and exit doors to the DNC building.

We point this out in the walkthrough video at timestamp 1:05. The pipe bomb was basically smack dab between the parking deck, the entry and exit doors, and the front of the building:

The proximity of the pipe bomb to the driveway, parking deck, and exit of the DNC building is of crucial significance.

Recall that Kamala Harris curiously hid the fact that she was in the DNC building on January 6th, and it was only an entire year after the so-called insurrection that the press reported that the Vice President-elect was in the building the morning of the 6th while the pipe bomb was on the premises. Of course, as Vice President elect Kamala Harris enjoyed the protection of the Secret Service, this means that the Secret Service must have conducted a sweep of the DNC building before she entered.

According to Senator Ron Johnson, the Secret Service definitively affirmed that they swept the outside areas of the DNC building adjacent to the entry and exit doors, as well as the parking deck:

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), on January 5, 2021 between 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., an individual placed two pipe bombs in Washington, D.C. – one near the Republican National Committee (RNC) headquarters and another near the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters. The next day, on January 6, 2021, then-Vice President-elect Harris reportedly arrived at the DNC headquarters at 11:30 a.m. Prior to Harris’ arrival, the Secret Service reportedly “swept the interior of the [DNC headquarters], the driveway, parking deck and entrances and exits.” Reports indicate that at 1:07 p.m., U.S. Capitol Police began investigating the pipe bomb at that location, and at 1:14 p.m., an unnamed Secret Service protectee – presumably Harris – was removed from the DNC. The bomb threat was cleared at 4:36 p.m.5 To date, law enforcement has not been able to identify or locate the suspect who allegedly planted the pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC headquarters. Given that Secret Service reportedly swept the areas in and around the DNC headquarters prior to Harris’ arrival on January 6, 2021, it seems odd that agents did not immediately discover the pipe bomb that was reportedly located next to a park bench at that location.

[Office of Senator Ron Johnson]

The notion that the Secret Service, the most elite protection detail in the world, swept the DNC building and managed to miss the pipe bomb is impossible to believe—either that or what transpired was such an act of such gross negligence that it is tantamount to deliberate malfeasance. Indeed, as the Google Earth satellite photo reveals, the pipe bomb was mere feet from both the entry and exit doors, as well as the parking garage, where the Secret Service claims it conducted a sweep.

If members of Congress were serious about solving January 6, they would get very specific now in their oversight requests: what were the names of the Secret Service agents who were tasked with sweeping the entry and exit door areas outside, as well as the parking deck? They would also get those specific agents who said they swept the area on record about the precise field of ground they did and did not sweep, and what times the sweeps were conducted.

The notion that the United States Secret Service would somehow miss the pipe bomb in its sweep of the parking deck, entry and exits of the DNC stretches the boundaries of belief. This is not the only aspect of our Google Street walkthrough that calls the official narrative of the pipe bomb into question, however.

We must now draw attention to one obvious and striking feature of the outdated Google Earth Street View satellite photo available of the crime scene: there’s a security guard looking straight out at the very bench site where the pipe bomber is said to have planted the bomb.

Google Earth does not allow users to access timestamp data of when exactly the satellite photograph in Street View was snapped. This is unfortunate, because it means we do not know with certainty whether the above picture was taken before or after January 6, 2021. 

If the Google Earth photo above was from before January 6, 2021 — and this is quite likely, for reasons we will describe shortly — that would mean the pipe bomber planted the bomb right next to the building’s guarded security area.

This simply compounds the implausible — near impossible — nature of the official account of the January 6th pipe bombs. Recall that the official story, supported by surveillance footage offered by the FBI, is that the pipe bomber planted bombs near the DNC and RNC at around 8 p.m. on the evening of January 5th. The DNC pipe bomb wasn’t discovered until after 1:00 p.m. on January 6th, and it was only discovered because authorities were mobilized to the DNC to search for explosives after a pedestrian “randomly” discovered a pipe bomb near the RNC at 12:40 p.m.

This means that the pipe bombs sat conspicuously by the bench right outside the DNC building’s parking garage, and remained undiscovered from 8 p.m. January 5th until 1:00 p.m. on January 6th. Somehow no one spotted the bombs — not pedestrians on that especially crowded morning of January 6th, not employees of the DNC sitting on the bench for a coffee break, not the security guard stationed mere feet from where the bomb was planted, and not the Secret Service of the United States which is on record as having swept that very area prior to then Kamala Harris entering the DNC building around 11 a.m. on January 6th.

As mentioned in our earlier pieces on the pipe bomb story, the only thing more implausible than the circumstances of the DNC pipe-bomb’s non-discovery were the reported circumstances behind the RNC pipe bomb’s discovery. Unlike the DNC pipe bomb, which was right out in the open next to a bench right outside the entrance to the DNC building and next to a crowded pedestrian side-walk, the RNC bomb was ensconced behind a trash can in a back alley by the RNC building.

Given where the DNC pipe bomb was placed vs the RNC pipe bomb (left side of above picture), no one would possibly have guessed that the RNC pipe bomb would be “randomly” found first by a pedestrian, while the DNC pipe bomb would go unnoticed by pedestrians, motorists, DNC security guards and the Secret Service for a span of over 17 hours.

The circumstances and timing of the RNC pipe bomb’s discovery stretch the outer limits of credulity:

The first pipe bomb was found at 12:40 p.m., with 20 minutes left on the timer, perfectly matching the exact timing needed both to “divert” police as the breach began at 12:50 p.m., and to convince police the bomb was timed to the 1 p.m. Congressional vote.

The timer didn’t just have 20 minutes left. It was left stuck on the 20 minute dial.

That is, the RNC pipe bomb was discovered at the precise time, to the minute, such as to suggest it was timed to explode when the clock struck 1:00 p.m. and the congressional certification vote began. Furthermore, the 12:40 p.m. discovery of the RNC pipe bomb meant that Capitol Police were diverted to the scene at 12:49 p.m., just one minute before the initial assault on the Capitol’s west perimeter began.

The timing of the RNC pipe bomb’s discovery was so remarkably and precisely coordinated with the assault on the Capitol and the congressional certification vote that many, including the former head of the Capitol Police, theorized that the very purpose of the pipe bombs was to divert law enforcement attention from the assault on the Capitol that began at 12:52 p.m.

This diversion theory gains support from the fact that the pipe bombs were attached to a mechanical one hour timer with no remote detonation capability. This means that the pipe bomber, who planted the bombs the evening of January 5th, could not have intended for the bombs to actually go off on the 6th. After all, how could the pipe bomber expect the bombs to go off the next day if the maximum setting for the timer was one hour?

It is possible, of course, that the pipe bomber planned for the bombs to go off on the evening of January 5th. This was indeed the initial assessment of the National Explosives Task Force (NETF), a multi-agency group that coordinates explosive expertise for law enforcement and intelligence agencies. CBS was able to obtain a copy of the NETF report, from which we learn that the pipe bombs had no remote detonation capability and mechanical one hour timers; and the following initial NETF assessment:

If the devices were planted and set the evening of January 5, as the FBI has suggested, law enforcement sources told CBS News the devices were likely designed to explode the day before the electoral college certification.


The full NETF report remains hidden from public view, which is rather odd given the forensic details that could be helpful in aiding the public to assist the FBI in its investigation. As of the time of writing, the NETF has sought fit to leak the report to CBS, which has not mentioned the contents of the report outside of the article linked above. The NETF report ought to go on a list of documents that Republicans must subpoena should they obtain the power to do so.

The NETF suggestion that the bomber may have intended for the bombs to go off on the 5th is interesting, though it is likely premature in that it assumed the bombs were supposed to go off in the first place, as opposed to just serve a diversionary effect on the 6th.

In any case, the circumstances of the timing of the RNC pipe bomb’s discovery and the circumstances and timing of the DNC pipe bombs’ lack of discovery are so implausible as to defy innocent explanation. The notion that pedestrians, DNC security and the Secret Service all could have overlooked the DNC pipe bomb is so unlikely that we may even have to entertain the possibility that the DNC bomb was planted on the 6th. This possibility is remote, and the FBI could rule it out entirely if it would simply show the public the surveillance footage.

Revolver proved definitively that the FBI is in possession of clean footage of the pipe bomber planting the pipe bomb at the DNC and has not released this footage to the public. Why aren’t the Democrats demanding this footage of an alleged MAGA terrorist planting a bomb outside of their national headquarters? Curious indeed.

Revolver News conducted our Google Street walkthrough at just the right time, as many key elements of the pipe bomb crime scene have been tampered with or removed by authorities. In fact, the benches themselves have long since been removed from the DNC pipe bomb site. This means the Google Earth pictures with the benches present are outdated, and likely will be updated with images of empty benches soon.

Revolver News’ investigative team was able to confirm that the benches outside of the DNC building where the pipe bomb was placed have been removed. The following is a photograph from the pipe bomb crime scene taken in August of 2022.

Evidently, Buzzfeed photographed the site as early as May 2021 and showed that the park benches had already been removed by that point as well:

Presumably, the FBI took the benches back to the FBI crime lab for forensic analysis of any trace elements of hair, skin, or other biomarkers that may have been on either of the two benches — and the pipe bomber sat on both. This is, of course, another reason why the public ought to see the NETF report that the authorities leaked to CBS and we haven’t heard about since. 

The removal of the DNC benches has helped us to date the Google Street photo discussed above which depicts a security guard posted just feet from where the pipe bomber allegedly planted the bomb. In that Google Street photo (reproduced below for the reader’s convenience), we can clearly see the benches are still present. Given that the benches were removed no later than May 2021 (the date of the Buzzfeed photo above), and likely much earlier, it seems most likely that the picture was taken before January 6, 2021. If this is so, this would mean that the guard’s presence is not a result of additional security in the aftermath of January 6, but rather depicts a normal security post that existed prior to and during January 6th—which makes the non-discovery of the pipe bomb story still less believable than it already had been.

If the pipe bomber (or, perhaps his/her handler) knew this was indeed the security area, planting the bomb right there would practically be asking to get caught.

And here again, the strangeness of it all deepens. Seemingly intensely aware of the security camera in this area before planting the bomb, the pipe bomber looks directly at the security camera as both his/her first and last act upon entering and exiting the site:

Why would the pipe bomber plant the bomb so close to the security station, especially if the whole point was to delay the discovery of the bomb until 1:00 PM the following day in order to “divert” police resources as the assault on the capitol began?

And even more strangely, in light of all of this, we must again ask why on earth won’t the FBI release the camera footage of the pipe bomber planting the bomb? Was this the same person who actually planted the bomb? Why would the FBI still keep that a mystery, two years later?

We have much more to say on this in a forthcoming standalone report. We’re expecting some fireworks. 

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