Girlboss militarists have encouraged and coordinated all of the Globalist American Empire’s disastrous adventures in recent years, from bombing the former Yugoslavia, to the color revolution in Ukraine, and the overthrow of Gadhafi. Now they are tripping over one another to stand tough against Putin, heedless of the skewed risk-reward calculus.

From Chronicles:

In a recent episode of “Breaking Points,” co-host Krystal Ball responded with disgust to UK Prime Minister Liz Truss’ reckless willingness to use nuclear weapons in an international crisis.

“You all can call me sexist or whatever, but there is a problem with these neoliberal-type women wanting to prove that they are as tough and hawkish as neocons,” Ball said, giving Hillary Clinton as an example. “There’s a pattern of this; they’ve got to prove they are as warmongering as dudes and so I think that’s also a part of what you see there. And she [Truss] has been extremely hawkish in her language when it comes to Ukraine as well.”

This is a sentiment that most male members of the media might be reluctant to bring up in public due to the predictable accusations of sexism that would fly in their direction, but it is a trend worth noting. And while it clearly is partly the need to show “the strength of a man” that Ball suggests, there are also additional factors at play, as well.

For example, the pretty young Finnish PM who goes clubbing and kisses men who aren’t her husband may as well be John Bolton.

Pedro Gonzalez nails the dynamic at play here:

Here’s Sam Hyde’s discussion of female cops:

His musings soon proved prophetic when a female cop shot and killed someone, thinking her gun was her taser:

Pray for peace.