In light of Elon discontinuing Space X Starlink services to Ukraine until the Pentagon agrees to pay for the service, Elon made a temporary appearance on Ukraine’s unofficial kill list:

There are multiple reports that Elon has been taken off the list. Musk as of late has come under fire from Ukrainian officials for suggesting an off-ramp to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict:

One of Ukraine’s top diplomats had this very diplomatic ethnonarcissist response.

Bite the hand that feeds? Elon got the last laugh.

Reality has sunk in, however, as some Ukrainian elites are having some second thoughts about throwing Elon under the bus:

The “kill list” in question is not an official operation of the Ukrainian government. Grayzone has more details on the nature of the list, called Mirotvorets:

Mirotvorets is a database which lists thousands of journalists, activists, and anyone else who is declared an “Enemy of Ukraine.” Their personal information is published, such as the addresses of their homes, their phone numbers and bank account numbers; anything that can help them be easily located. When the people on this list are murdered, like Italian journalist Andrea Rocchelli was, the word ЛИКВИДИРОВАН, “LIQUIDATED,” written in Ukrainian, is stamped across their picture in big red letters.

And, as of August 22, Daria Dugina, who was killed in a car bomb explosion in Moscow on Saturday, appears as “liquidated” on the website, adding more credibility to Russia’s assertion that she was assassinated by a Ukrainian nationalist who rented an apartment in the building where Daria lived in order to surveil her prior to her killing. It is believed that she was killed because her father, Alexander Dugin was referred to as “Putin’s brain” and “Putin’s spiritual guide” in western media, though these claims are really just more speculation.

We suppose the message is clear enough. If Elon dares to go against Ukraine’s endless demands for free support, and if he dares to suggest that the Russia-Ukraine conflict should come to an end as soon as possible to prevent nuclear war, he might go right back on the kill list.

That is, unless the US government gets him first for daring to promote free-speech on Twitter:

WILMINGTON, Del., Oct 13 (Reuters) – Elon Musk is being investigated by federal authorities over his conduct in his $44 billion takeover deal for Twitter Inc (TWTR.N), the social media company said in a court filing released on Thursday.

While the filing said he was under investigations, it did not say what the exact focus of the probes was and which federal authorities are conducting them.

Twitter, which sued Musk in July to force him to close the deal, said attorneys for the Tesla Inc (TSLA.O) CEO had claimed “investigative privilege” when refusing to hand over documents it had sought.