Well, well, well…

We can already predict the new narrative talking points coming out of Big Pharma and their complicit lackeys in the incestuous government Swamp:

Well the vaccines didn’t work, but we had to try something because the novel coronavirus was OH SO DEADLY. The vaccines were a noble failure! We did our best!

Here’s a translation of the German article which is unfortunately behind a paywall:

In scientific circles, doubts arise as to whether the information provided by the manufacturers about the mRNA vaccine is correct. Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna have so far refused to independently verify the data. A Stiko member is now also criticizing.

Virologists, epidemiologists, pharmacologists – they may not have always been friendly to each other during the pandemic. But they are now coming together on one point: it is the demand for an independent review of the studies that led to the approval of the mRNA vaccines from Biontech/Pfizer and Moderna. The studies are published. However, the primary data, scientifically the decisive documents, are missing. All vaccine evaluations of the registration studies are based on them. Until now, the documents have been kept under lock and key by the manufacturers, and they are refusing requests to see them.

Remember, nobody could have predicted this. It was SCIENCE! We have to trust the SCIENCE! The SCIENCE! might make mistakes, but it always has our best interests at heart.