Will Cain took to the Fox News airwaves to highlight the growing issue of massive racism against white people:

Quotes from RawStory:

Fox News host Will Cain suggested on Sunday that “racism against white people” is now more “acceptable” than other forms of bigotry.

During a segment with former Republican congressman Allen West, Cain complained that the person in charge of diversity at the education wing of the Department of Defense was too “woke.”

Cain was upset that Kelisa Wing, a chief diversity, equity and inclusion officer, had written a book about white privilege.

Obviously, RawStory is mocking the idea of racism against white people because they think it’s funny, but the quotes are interesting:

“White privilege hurts a lot of people,” Cain quoted from the book. “If you are White you might feel bad about hurting others or you might feel afraid to lose this privilege.”

“The takeaway when I see this kind of stuff is the willingness and ease with which you castigate an entire group of people,” the Fox News host griped. “In this case, it’s white. And look, colonel, I’m sure you have experienced racism in your life and it is never a denial that racism, and particularly racism against Black Americans exists.”

“But it does seem today, there’s a particular acceptance of one form of racism and that is not just tolerated but some ways encouraged,” Cain continued. “That’s racism against white people! Why is that acceptable?”

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The Department of Defense’s crazed, woke left-wing new diversity chief is under investigation because she’s an anti-white hater, apparently.

Story from Just the News (emphasis ours):

The Defense Department says it is reviewing an agency diversity officer after the discovery of derogatory online posts about white people attributed to her.

A department spokesperson said officials “are aware of the news reports” concerning Kelisa Wing, the Pentagon’s Defense Education Activity Department’s chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion officer, Fox News reported Friday.

“The office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness is reviewing this matter,” the official said.

Wing has described herself as a “woke administrator” for the Defense Education Activity Department, which oversees military schools for nearly 70,000 children of service members stationed abroad.

She appears to have deleted or deactivated her LinkedIn and Twitter accounts. But in a 2020 tweet captured by Fox, she said she was “exhausted at these white folx [sic]” in meetings.

“I had to stop the session and give Karen the BUSINESS” for saying that black people can be racist too, Wing also said at the time.

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