This is sick and it’s only for the strong of stomach:

Senator Mark Kelly poses as a manly, moderate astronaut, but he’s really all about the trannies:

Kelly pushed the totally insane “Equality Act”, according to Breitbart:

A narrator then states, “Democrats like Mark Kelly and Joe Biden support policies pushing dangerous transgender drugs and surgeries on kids, taking away parental rights,” as a graphic on the screen references Senate Bill 393, which Kelly and 45 other Democrats cosponsor.

The bill, titled the “Equality Act,” would effectively eliminate the legal definition of biological sex if signed into law and, as Melissa Moschella, Ph.D., pointed out in a report published by the Heritage Foundation, impose “a radical ideology with sweeping implications on all Americans.”

Moschella noted that under this legislation, a parent’s “caution or skepticism” about their child’s desire to change sexes could be viewed as abuse or neglect…

In case there was any doubt that Mark Kelly is firmly in thrall of the pervert lobby, see this press release from the poorly-named Human Rights Council:

Mark Kelly has been a steadfast ally for the LGBTQ community throughout his life and service to our country. Kelly has committed that should he be elected to the U.S. Senate, he would co-sponsor and vote in support of the Equality Act, crucial federal legislation that would finally guarantee explicit protections for LGBTQ people under our nation’s existing civil rights laws. In January 2020, HRC announced its endorsement of Mark Kelly in his bid for the U.S. Senate.

This is just crazy, late republic stuff:

To understand how radically the Equality Act would undermine parental rights, imagine that you are the parent of an adolescent girl who… begins to identify as transgender after watching video testimonials of transgender-identifying adolescents on Tumblr, despite never previously having expressed discomfort with her gender. If you are worried that this is a social-media-induced fad and resist your daughter’s demands to call her by a new name, buy her a chest binder and men’s clothing, and allow her to begin taking testosterone, your caution and skepticism could be considered abusive or neglectful.

With the help of school officials, your daughter might begin presenting herself as a boy at school — adopting a new name and pronouns, using the boy’s restroom and locker room, and participating in boys’ sports, etc. — while she and the school officials work together to keep you, the parent, in the dark about what is going on.

Read the rest on Breitbart…

It gets far, far worse. We’re talking Child Protective Service interventions, bans on therapy, and loss of custody.

Heritage has way more in a bombshell report:

The Equality Act adds sexual orientation and gender identity to race as protected classes under existing civil rights law, thus making it illegal to discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity in the same way that it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race. In doing so, it presumes that transgender identity is real in the same way that race is. It presumes, in other words, that just as being black or white is an objective, unchosen, and permanent aspect of one’s identity, a transgender woman really is a woman (just as much as someone who is biologically female), and a transgender man really is a man (just as much as someone who is biologically male). Under the Equality Act, failing to treat a transgender woman the same way that you would treat a biological female counts as discrimination, as does acting in line with the belief that maleness and femaleness are biological realities—even when it comes to the way that parents educate and raise their own children.

The “compromise” of the Fairness for All Act is no better. While it carves out limited religious exemptions, the substance of the bill is otherwise the same: It still defines belief in basic biological truths as bigoted—and does nothing for the many people whose objections are based on science and common sense, rather than religion.

Therapy Banned. If you try to find a therapist for your daughter who will not unquestioningly affirm her transgender identification, but who instead will do what therapists usually do, that is, probe more deeply to determine whether there are underlying psychological or social issues at the root of your daughter’s gender dysphoria (there are high rates of psychiatric comorbidity among those with gender dysphoria)—the Equality Act would make it even more difficult to find one than it already is. In fact, the bill would likely make it illegal for therapists to question a client’s transgender identification.

The Equality Act outlaws “conversion therapy” as a form of discrimination, and the meaning of conversion therapy has been expanded to include not only voluntary communications between therapist and client about unwanted feelings of same-sex attraction, but also attempts to help clients reconcile themselves with the gender identity that corresponds to their biological sex.

Clinicians who do not take children’s transgender identity claims at face value, encourage them to transition socially, and facilitate their access to puberty blockers or cross-sex hormones could risk being sued for discrimination or losing their licenses.

Child Protective Services Intervention. If—despite your efforts to treat your daughter with affection, affirm that you love her just as she is, and express empathy for her suffering—your daughter complains at school or to a medical professional that your failure to unquestioningly affirm her new gender identity exacerbates her psychological distress, you could find yourself accused of abuse or neglect by state child protection officials. You could lose custody, and a judge could order that your daughter begin receiving cross-sex hormones over your objections. This could occur notwithstanding, as previously noted, such treatments: (1) are experimental and risky; and (2) cause irreversible changes that have not been proven to offer long-term psychological benefit. This could also occur despite growing evidence that indicates the new phenomenon of rapid-onset gender dysphoria is spreading via social contagion, especially among adolescent girls.

Loss of Custody. These predictions are not just hypothetical. Parents have already lost custody of their children for failing to allow them to take cross-sex hormones. In 2018, a judge removed a 17-year-old girl who identified as transgender from her parents’ custody and mandated that the girl be given hormonal “treatment” for gender dysphoria despite the parents’ objection—and despite the judge’s own recognition that there is “a surprising lack of definitive clinical study available to determine the success of different treatment modalities” for gender dysphoria.

While the girl had no prior symptoms of gender dysphoria as a child, she was diagnosed with gender dysphoria by Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, where her parents had sent her for inpatient treatment for severe anxiety and depression. Cincinnati Children’s is a well-known provider of care for transgender youth, and clearly follows the “gender affirming” model of care according to which a patient’s self-reports should be believed without question. As the judge noted with concern, 100 percent of patients referred to them are recommended for hormone “treatment.”

Read the full report from Heritage to see just what exactly the transhumanist “Catholic” Joe Biden and his henchmen like Mark Kelly are promoting.