A woke General, Patrick Donahoe, is under investigation for freaking out on social media about Tucker Carlson while in uniform, and Alexander Vindman is extremely mad about it online:

Watch out folks… he’s EFFING PISSED…


You probably won’t remember this, but Donahoe is the woke Fort Benning guy who had a meltdown after Tucker Carlson DARED to question the idea of female troops. Army Times:

Donahoe and other senior leaders with prominent followings, such as Sergeant Major of the Army Michael Grinston, publicly clashed with conservative Fox News host Tucker Carlson in March 2021.

Carlson made controversial remarks about women in the military, accusing the Biden administration of “feminizing” the DoD through uniform policy changes.

The former Fort Benning commander made headlines alongside other TRADOC general officers when he shared a female soldier’s reenlistment video and called Carlson out, saying the Fox host “couldn’t be more wrong.”

The vaccine-loving freakjob Donahoe also attacked a decorated Marine, Josiah Lippincott, who dared to criticize the Armed Forces’ laughable Covid-19 “mitigation” efforts.

Retired Marine Josiah Lippincott, who is currently a student at Hillsdale College in Michigan, responded Tuesday after a U.S. Army general used his official Twitter account to call on the college to “come get” him after he publicly disagreed with the general’s narrative about coronavirus vaccines.

On July 22, Donahoe said he would mandate the coronavirus vaccine if he had the power to do so, citing a reported surge in ICU visits by young soldiers due to infection.

Lippincott replied that the Pentagon has lost a total of 26 personnel to the virus out of an estimated 2 million total, while military suicides saw an increase year-over-year by that same figure of 26.

Donahoe went on to accuse Lippincott of engaging in “false equivalency” and downplaying the vaccine, before tweeting to Hillsdale’s official account, “Come get your boy.”

Donahoe has since appeared to make the tweet private.

“I want to make really clear, these guys are woke losers who love cancel culture and they can’t see reality,” Lippincott told host Laura Ingraham. “These guys spent 20 years in Afghanistan, spent $2.4 trillion of American taxpayer money, we lost 2,300 servicemembers – and we left Bagram Air Force Base in the middle of the night.”

“America should be angry, they should be demanding answers,” he said, pointing to Donahoe’s stature as one of the military’s top officers.

Ingraham noted that Donahoe has repeatedly taken a hard line against vaccine-hesitant servicemembers under his Fort Benning command.

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Vindman is allegedly a notorious chow thief:

Alexander Vindman was a “chow thief,” and “lazy,” a classmate of his at Ranger School told me. The Ranger (Scroll and Tab with multiple deployments) went on, “We tried peering him out in Mountains.” Mountains refers to the Mountain Phase of Ranger School.

Chow thieves steal MREs from other Rangers and are notorious in Ranger School, where students are subjected to near-starvation conditions. It’s not uncommon for students to lose up to 40 pounds, and most students lose 20 pounds.

During Ranger School, the people who don’t use team work and screw others over are often voted out of Ranger School in a process known as peer evaluations.

Despite not having the respect of his peers, Vindman was pushed through due to his language proficiency.

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Vindman is very insistent that you address him as “SIR” Lieutenant Colonel.