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We might as well be blunt about it: flying a few dozen Venezuelans to Martha’s Vineyard isn’t going to save America. But it does show how America really works.

Sure, it’s definitely hilarious to watch America’s repulsive elite class indulge in some of the most egregious hypocrisy in living memory. From the moment the first Venezuelan stepped onto the tarmac of the Vineyard the wealthy, safe, isolated (some might say ‘privileged’) denizens of the Vineyard went into a panic. In Facebooks and groupchats, they quickly began to feud over whose job it was to rent out their homes to illegals, gratis. 

Media allies compared a short sojourn in vacationland to the Holocaust.

The state of Massachusetts called out the National Guard (at an almost 3:1 ratio!) to round up the invaders and ship them at a military base in Cape Cod.

And that, probably, is where the story will end. This is a stunt. While it is deeply entertaining to see liberal elites go into hypocritical hysterics, the truth is that sending more migrants will be difficult or impossible. And, in the end, fifty migrants is a drop in the ocean. About 2.1 million illegal immigrants will be detained by the Border Patrol in the 2021-22 fiscal year. The fifty people shipped to Martha’s Vineyard are the equivalent of just twelve minutes’ worth of migrants crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Still, the Martha’s Vineyard hoopla, and especially the elite left’s response to it, underscores the dark and existential truth that modern mass migration is no mere symbol. It is a powerful weapon used for the permanent transformation, destruction, desolation, and conquest of enemy cities, enemy cultures, and enemy nations. And more importantly, now everybody knows it.

It is worth observing that all the normal saccharine rhetoric about immigration and diversity was totally absent from the spat over the Martha’s Vineyard migrants. There is absolutely no conceit about the migrants “enriching” their community, redeeming them through “vibrancy” or diversity. Instead, the migrants are universally recognized as useless, a burden for whatever town is afflicted with them. One may engage in virtue signaling by making a show of “welcoming” them, but nobody wants them hanging around permanently. Already, the first migrant given an in-depth profile by The New York Times appears to have been a drug dealer in his home country.

Such a person provides no economic or cultural or cultural value. Instead, his “merit” is exclusively political.

While the Martha’s Vineyard spat unfolded, America’s Dementia-Patient-in-Chief attended the 45th Congressional Hispanic Congress and, in his doddering blabbermouth sort of way, revealed what is afoot (timestamped):

Everybody understands the stakes here. The only purpose of the migrants is to serve as political cannon fodder to turn Texas and Florida blue and demographically bury America’s fading legacy population. They are very much not intended to muck up the pleasant holdfasts of America’s elite.

In 2017, U.S. Army Major Nathan Steger noted the evolving nature of migration in his paper “The Weaponization of Migration: Examining migration as a 21st century tool of political warfare”:

In today’s interconnected world, international migration continues to grow as migrants come from all around the globe in search of better lives for themselves and their families. … As globalization steadily diffuses international power and blurs the line between war and peace, human migration is becoming a viable weapon in the arsenal of many state and non-state actors pursuing unconventional means to increase regional influence and to achieve objectives.

Steger was wise, but sells short just how far-reaching his thesis should go. Almost all of his examples of weaponized migration are interstate, especially those referring to explicitly political dimensions. For instance, he notes that migration from China to Hong Kong, and more recently from mainland China to Taiwan, gives the PRC a viable “fifth column” for subverting the democratic process. But Steger stops short of stating the obvious: foreigners can be imported as a domestic “fifth column” for transforming a host country.

Elite progressives’ panicked reaction to DeSantis’s trolling is revealing of what they really think. For more than a decade, New York City has been sending its homeless on one-way trips to other states, cleaning up its streets by dumping its problems on others. But needless to say, progressives have not been the slightest bit charitable about other states imitating their tactics for even a single day. Rather than just sniping on TV or doing some counter-trolling of their own, the response of the left has been nuclear.

Even though the dispute involves the governor of Florida paying to fly migrants from Texas to Massachusetts, somehow Gov. Gavin Newsom of California saw a way to get involved. And, as befits the satrap of America’s worst state, Newsom’s response was as extreme as possible:

The Department of Justice has been tapped by California Governor Gavin Newsom to investigate whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s controversial decision to send two flights of migrants north would amount to “kidnapping”.

“I strongly urge the U.S. Department of Justice (US DOJ) to open an investigation into possible criminal or civil violations of federal law based on this alleged fraudulent scheme,” Gov Newsom wrote in a 15 September letter addressed to US Attorney General Merrick Garland.

Others swiftly joined in.

Ron DeSantis trolled the elites, and in response they want him and his staff arrested for kidnapping and imprisoned for life. They know that they are fighting a civil war by other means, and they know that in war, one goes all out.

The only response, then, is to go all-out right back. That, in turn, means focusing on real strategic gains rather than stunts. Ideally, that would mean plugging the border entirely, but the Biden regime’s focus on keeping the border 100% open at all costs makes that a non-starter for now. A better medium-term play would be a non-stop stream of buses, without end, dumping migrants into San Francisco, D.C., Boston, and the like. Sure, some of that has already happened. But it should happen more. Flying fifty migrants to Martha’s Vineyard is hilarious. But busing fifty thousand to blue cities in blue states is better.

And if Merrick Garland actually listens to Gavin Newsom, and starts arresting people? Then be ready to start arresting right back.

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