El Salvador was once the murder of the capital of the world. As it turns out, they solved their crime problem without “defunding the police” or emptying the prisons of all the murderers and rapists on death row.

This might be hard for the liberals to comprehend, but, to stop crime, the authorities… put the criminals into a big jail.

What a revolutionary concept.

The interview above is interesting, because not only did Bukele put the criminals in jail, he also took away their privileges of having internet access and cell phones so they could order hits on the outside, and even threatened to starve them until they fell into line.

Oh the humanity! Oh the human rights violations!

It reminds me of an old short story by William Faulkner story called The Bear. In the story, a mean, vicious wild dog named “Lion” is starved nearly to death to force it into submission, so that it can be trained hunt a legendary bear named “Old Ben”.

Original ink drawing for The Saturday Evening Post appearance of William Faulkner’s “The Bear,” May 9, 1942.


Turns out that in order to stop crime, you just lock up the criminals. And to stop illegal immigration… you just stop the illegals from entering your country.

And people are starting to notice.

Now, just imagine how much crime you could reduce if you simply swiftly executed the rapists, murders, and other serious violent felons.

What a concept.