The neocons are out in full force wishing death on Armenians to spite Russia.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Meanwhile, could this spark World War III?

Whatever happened to “muh territorial integrity”?

The United States is officially neutral.

In the case of Armenia-Azerbaijan, it is Azerbaijan that is encroaching on Armenia’s territory and even calling for the entire state to be swallowed up as “West Azerbaijan.”

What’s interesting is that some liberals, like Schifty Adam Schiff, are siding with Armenia — presumably because Adam Schiff represents a lot of Armenians in his district?

Another Democrat spoke out:

The Azerbaijan-Armenia issue definitely complicates matters. But it also just goes to show that the neocons, and the Globalist American Empire, tend to selectively use moral claims only to obscure, justify, and/or distract from raw political power aims.

For instance, many GAE acolytes will defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine, but not Armenia.

They will push for homosexual marriage in Russia or Kenya, but not Qatar.

They will call for cutting foreign aid, but not foreign aid to Israel.

They will support Christians in Pakistan, but not Palestine or Armenia.

They will defend the dignity and honor of the Kurds, right up until the point it comes time to appease Turkey.

They will decry “dictators” in Russia, Syria, or North Korea, but not Saudi Arabia.

They will bemoan “insurrectionists” in Washington, D.C., but not in Hong Kong:

Or Kiev:

The D.C. regime always uses moral claims as a justification for why YOU, the average American, have to suck it up and suffer, and bleed and die and impoverish yourself for Iraq, or Afghanistan, or the Ukraine. But once you realize the GAE uses moral arguments and justifications as a mere façade as they single-mindedly pursue the interests of a globalist oligarchic cabal, then stop and think for a minute just how easily the D.C. regime could drop all pretense to moral qualms abroad and simply put America First. That’s right — the awesome might of America could be used to very quickly and easily improve the lot of the American people.

But alas, that’s not how things go in our sacred “democracy”.

Such is life in the Globalist American Empire.