A video is making the rounds depicting a Dr. Shayne Taylor bragging about how she got Nashville on board with the barbaric practice of gender transition surgery for children:

It’s worth listening twice just to soak in how dark the whole affair is. In a stark moment of honesty, Dr. Shayne Taylor describes how trans surgeries, including those for children, are “big money”. In fact, she says, some hospitals are sustained almost entirely by the money they make from removing male genitals, a “surgery” which can run up a six-figure bill.

The real scandal is it doesn’t have to be this way, especially in a deep red state like Tennessee. The Tennessee legislature has the power and authority to criminalize all such transgender surgeries for minors, and it is about time the citizens of Tennessee demand accountability from their representatives in this regard.

We covered the range of options available to states in an earlier piece outlining the strongest GOP strategy to fight the state sanctioned physical and psychological mutilation of children in the form of gender reassignment surgeries:

Many children are now socially “transitioning” before they start first grade, and many are receiving the once-unthinkable treatment of puberty blockers. And don’t believe the lie puberty blockers are “fully reversible”—such pills can cause lower IQ, a critical loss of bone density, permanently immature and stunted sexual reproductive organs and genitalia, and lifelong sexual dysfunction; and that’s all before one undergoes a sex “reassignment” surgery. In fact, the same drug given as a “puberty blocker” to tiny little children is also used to chemically castrate sex offenders.

The transgender fad in America is creating horrors beyond comprehension— horrors that are ignored by the press and denied by the medical establishment. According to pro-transgender activists, sexual “detransitions” are extremely rare, and usually only a result of a transsexual encountering “transphobia” in real life. But in reality, there are already many ex-trans people. Their harrowing accounts are becoming more and more frequent—and more dreadful. Here is one from just a few days ago. And beware: it’s not for the faint of heart, or weak of stomach.

It’s high time that the doctors who inflict these “treatments” on minors not be regarded as doctors at all. They should be instead be considered what they actually are: child mutilators.

The goal of every sane, concerned American should not be to merely save girls’ sports and stop taxpayer-funded drag queen story time. The goal should instead be to put a complete stop to this tragic moral abomination by putting perverts, predators, and child mutilators in prison.

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In the course of writing this blog-post, breaking news emerged that certain members of the Tennessee legislature may move on this advice to make child transition surgery illegal in Tennessee.

We will watch this closely and keep you updated on how it develops.