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As noted by Spiked Online, Germany is committing economic suicide:

Germany is committing national suicide

An eco-obsessed elite has sacrificed energy and food security to the climate agenda.

Germany is staring into the abyss thanks to the energy crisis. German heavy industry may even have to cut back on production in order to cope with soaring energy costs. Steel manufacturer ArcelorMittal has already announced it is to shut down blast furnaces in some of its plants.

Russia’s ongoing gas squeeze has also affected Germany’s food production. As it stands, 70 per cent of Europe’s fertiliser production, which depends on gas, has been halted. This could seriously hinder agricultural output in 2023, and lead to massive shortages in food provision.

Yet Germany’s political leaders seem to be putting their commitment to green orthodoxy above all else – including the need to tackle the multiple crises Germany now faces.

German-style economic suicide driven by the WEF’s Great Reset: coming soon to a country near you?

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