The journal IM1776 recently published an interview with Revolver’s Darren Beattie covering a range of topics from Trump/DeSantis to populism, to cultivating an elite, to the “painbox” that awaits anyone who dares challenge the regime. We invite readers to enjoy the full and unedited audio version of the interview, which contains some spicy riffs that did not make it into the transcription.

Enjoy the full audio:

A great quote:

“There’s no getting around the pain box. If you’re challenging the Regime, you are going to face the storm.”
— Darren Beattie

You can read the interview here:

Mark Granza: Darren, you describe yourself as a centrist. What does that mean to you?

Darren Beattie: [Laughs] I say it almost facetiously because it doesn’t really mean anything. At least on Twitter, I’m a Grothendieckean centrist, which is a kind of consciously ridiculous description, as Grothendieck was a radical, very eccentric stateless mathematician. And so I’m just kind of playing around with it and mainly riffing off the idea that everyone wants to push the edges while always framing the other people as the radicals.

Mark Granza: The current New Right in America appears increasingly split between the populist politics represented by Trump and MAGA, and anti-Democratic elitist politics articulated by Curtis Yarvin and others. Where do you stand on this question?

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