Liberals have always considered Lord Fauci a saint in their sacrilegious and blasphemous pantheon of heroes.

Perhaps after this crucifixion by Tucker Carlson, they will consider him a martyr:

We all understand that Dr. Fauci is awful. But it’s easy to forget how awful he truly is. Thankfully, Tucker Carlson covers it all in this remarkable segment.

From funding gain-of-function and lying about it, to pushing the ghastly mask and the beastly vaxx, to shoveling Remdesivir into patients, it is truly possible that Little Lord Fauci may go down in history as a greater butcher than Genghis Khan. Plus, don’t forget when Fauci pumped thousands of otherwise healthy people full of the deadly drug AZT during the AIDS crisis.

But at least Genghis Khan was actually brave and courageous and looked cool doing it.

Lord Fauci, not so much…

Shame on all of us as a nation for tolerating Dr. Fauci’s reign of error.

Now, apparently the 81-year-old geriatric plans to cash in rather than shuffle off into retirement.

This geriatric generation of gerontocrats truly knows no shame.

Tucker Carlson full show here: