The CDC has finally chilled out and relaxed their ridiculous, unscientific quarantine recommendations for the unvaxxed, and now the “disabled” “immunocomprised” liar Taylor Lorenz of the Washington Post is having an epic, whiny, screechy meltdown.

We have captured the meltdown in screenshots because Lorenz has a history of deleting her Tweets and scrubbing them from the Internet archive.

Lorenz’s meltdown began like this…

And then it got even whinier and more hysterical.

You bigots are forcing Taylor Lorenz to wear an N-95 mask everywhere!

How could you?

The entire beautifully preserved, self-unaware screed has been now been captured and archived for eternity here.

We have to admit that we are a bit curious about whether Taylor Lorenz is “disabled” and “immunocompromised,” given her history of dishonesty, but we will give Ms. Lorenz the benefit of the doubt for now. If Ms. Lorenz is going to claim the Oppression Special Olympics privilege points of being disabled, shouldn’t she have to tell the world the exact nature of her disability, and provide medical documentation? Maybe she already has; you can let us know in the comments.

You may have thought Taylor was done whining for the day after that gold-medal winning rant, but if you did, you thought wrong.

She always takes the bait…

We live in a society!

Here’s part two:

Got that, bigots? If you don’t immediately quarantine yourself after coming within a five-mile radius of a Covid positive-test-haver, you are basically Hitler, Slaughterer of the “Vulnerable Ppl.”

May we suggest a compromise, a remedy of sorts, for Taylor’s situation? A bubble, perhaps?

We truly wish Taylor the best as she tries to navigate such a harsh, cruel world.