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Guest Post by Scott Greer

The Speaker of the House visited Taiwan last week, setting off a heated diplomatic row between the United States and China. The event caused a rare event in American politics: Republicans and conservatives fell in love with Pelosi. Twenty-six Republican senators issued a formal commendation for the Democrat’s visit. Many more fawned over her alleged bravery. All domestic issues were seemingly put aside when it came to this visit.

The National Review editorial board made the case for Pelosi’s visit prior to her landing:

Much as we disagree with the speaker on most issues, on this question she has been stalwart. Pelosi, by making this trip against the background of Chinese threats, would do a service to her country, Taiwan, and all nations with an interest in resisting a totalitarian party-state’s military aggression. She must go to Taiwan.

Prominent conservatives hailed the visit as a massive blow to China and a big win for America. They attacked the naysayers as haters of freedom and demanded their audiences admire Pelosi.

But was this visit really a big win for America? Or was it a stunt designed to distract Americans from the real threat to their country?

More sober analysts pointed out that this was an unnecessary provocation that did little to help American. Pelosi’s visit didn’t weaken China’s resolve to take Taiwan, nor did it strengthen Taiwan’s defenses. It was merely an empty gesture that aggravated the Chinese.

There’s also an important domestic element to the trip. It demonstrates the Globalist American Empire (GAE) can easily win the support of conservatives so long as it saber rattles against China. The GAE will do nothing substantive to diminish the Chinese threat. All its cronies will do is tweet “Uighur Lives Matter” and carry out stunts like Pelosi’s Taiwan visit. But the GAE wants the American people to be more alarmed by the Chinese Communists than by anything happening domestically. Unfortunately, many conservatives fall for this bait.

Pretty much everyone would agree that China is a serious problem. The communist state is certainly a bigger threat than Russia. But the GAE’s strategy against the ChiComs isn’t serious. America allows in hundreds, if not thousands, of Chinese spies into our country every year. The CCP effectively recruits among the immigrant population here. Dual nationals are, for some reason, given top security jobs where they can access sensitive material. Many of them are routinely caught stealing that information for the CCP.

So how does the GAE respond to this? Does it call for a moratorium on Chinese immigration, bar dual nationals from security jobs, and monitor the Chinese community for potential links to the CCP? Absolutely not. It calls all those ideas racist. In fact, the Department of Justice recently ended one of its programs to look out for potential Chinese spies because it was deemed “anti-Asian.” The intelligence community is ordered to hire Chinese Americans despite their greater risk. The GAE isn’t serious at all about countering ChiCom subversion.

The same story plays out with the economic ties between China and America. The political establishment is universally hostile to the idea of placing tariffs on Chinese goods and other measures to stifle the communist state’s economic prosperity. Donald Trump effectively wielded the tariff threat to force the ChiComs to make concessions. Democrats and establishment Republicans complained about Trump’s threats, even though they produced actual results. The GAE wants to continue helping China grow into an economic powerhouse without any hurdles.

The current regime doesn’t even want Americans to connect COVID to China. One of the first acts President Biden did when he assumed office was to ban the entire government from referring to the virus with the adjectives of “Wuhan” or “Chinese.” It was deemed racist to do so.

Nancy Pelosi herself is one of the main exponents of this nonsensical policy towards China. Earlier this year, she championed the America COMPETES Act, which Republicans derided as a concession to China. It increased the number of visas that would likely be allotted to Chinese nationals; particularly researchers who would work in institutions where they could gain access to sensitive information. Pelosi was also vehement in condemning anyone who linked COVID to China. She demanded an apology from Kevin McCarthy for merely calling it the “Chinese coronavirus.” Pelosi also invited people to visit San Francisco’s Chinatown right as the epidemic broke out, because it would send a message against anti-Asian discrimination. The Speaker of the House also championed the “COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act” that sought to police the language Americans used to describe the virus.

But at least she visited Taiwan.

Besides failing to challenge China on a serious level, Nancy Pelosi presents a more immediate threat to ordinary Americans than the ChiComs. So does the entire leadership of the Globalist American Empire. It was revealed this week that the FBI considers the Betsy Ross flag, the Gadsden flag, and other traditional American symbols as signs of “domestic terrorism.” We shouldn’t be shocked by this; the GAE wants to topple all symbols and values associated with the historic American nation.

Pelosi and other GAE leaders support the erasure of statues glorifying American heroes. Pelosi and the GAE demand Critical Race Theory in schools and want schoolchildren, particularly white schoolchildren, to feel guilt for being Americans. Pelosi and the GAE don’t mind the invasion at the border and back policies to attract even more illegals to come to the U.S. Pelosi and the GAE seek to use state power to persecute and imprison conservatives who merely walked through the Capitol without permission or expressed views the regime hates. Pelosi and the GAE demand Big Tech censor conservatives for disagreeing with progressive orthodoxy. Pelosi and the GAE back Black Lives Matter and turn a blind eye to Antifa violence.

Pelosi and the GAE want to destroy the America we love, and they have the power to do so. China, at this moment, does not have that power. This is why it’s critical for nationalists and conservatives to focus on the problems right before us—and none of them involve Taiwan.

There are things we can do right now to curtail the Chinese threat. We can limit Chinese immigration, place tariffs on them, and do a much better job of barring spies from accessing classified material. But we don’t do any of these things. Our leaders prefer empty stunts that do nothing but distract Americans from our real problems.

Americans shouldn’t fawn over an enemy visiting some foreign country. We shouldn’t be distracted by such petty nonsense. Pelosi’s visit doesn’t solve any problems and it persuades too many well-meaning Americans to back their oppressors.

Pelosi doesn’t represent us. She embodies the Globalist American Empire that seeks to eradicate the nation we wish to preserve.

Scott Greer hosts the popular “Highly Respected” podcast.

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