Sydney Sweeney is an attractive young actress best known for starring in the degenerate HBO drama “Euphoria”, which seemingly glorifies drug use, transgenderism, and being fat to its mostly teen audience. All of that is perfectly acceptable in the GAE, of course. What’s not acceptable is openly associating with your conservative family members.

Sweeney, who was already under suspicion for being one of the few actresses currently active who is both conventionally attractive and under the age of 50, recently attended her mother’s Wild West-themed 60th birthday party and got in trouble after Instagram obsessives searched the photos of other party attendees to find evidence of Blue Lives Matter shirts and parody Trump hats.

The actress addressed the controversy but suspiciously did not apologize, throw her family under the bus, or profess loyalty to Joe Biden ???

Twitter libs were largely unsatisfied.

Another attempted to shame her by saying she looked like a more attractive version of President Trump’s daughter Tiffany. Don’t be confused, to liberals, that is considered a horrible insult.

Various other lib attempts at “owns”:

There were some funny attempts at defending Sweeney as well:

It will be interesting to see where Sweeney’s career goes from here and if her previous services to the propaganda arm of the GAE can make up for her crimes of being young, attractive, blonde, and white.