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Cheney is among the five GOP incumbents who outraised their Trump-backed challengers in the latest fundraising quarter, although Hageman is the best-funded challenger of the group. Cheney raised $2.9 million to Hageman’s $1.8 million, ending the quarter on June 30 with nearly $7 million in her campaign account to Hageman’s $1.4 million. Cheney also spent nearly twice as much as Hageman over the quarter.

But that doesn’t mean Cheney will win over voters in Wyoming. Just ask Illinois’ Rodney Davis, South Carolina’s Tom Rice and West Virginia’s David McKinley — the three GOP incumbents who lost to Trump-backed challengers despite outraising and outspending them.

In fact, Hageman could be the one who’s cruising. A Casper Star-Tribune poll released Friday showed Trump-endorsed Hageman with a 22-point lead over Cheney.

NBC News’ Marc Caputo got his hands on another Wyoming poll — via WPA Intelligence for the conservative Club for Growth — which shows Hageman up 28 points among likely primary voters, 59%-31%. (The Club for Growth has endorsed Hageman.)

From Caputo: “Those results are based on a model in which 13% of the primary’s voters are Democrats (Wyoming allows party-switchers to vote in primaries). The poll tested two other scenarios, where Democrats are 20% or 25% of the electorate, and Hageman still leads Cheney by 18 percentage points and 12 points, respectively.”

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It just gets worse for Cheney. Apparently she’s a carpetbagger who’s never taken a paycheck in the state of Wyoming:

Cheney’s family roots in Wyoming go back generations. But, as CNN noted in 2013, Cheney herself “was born in Wisconsin and grew up in Virginia’s DC suburbs before attending college in Colorado and law school in Illinois … She spent most of her career working in the nation’s capital before moving to Wyoming last year.”

The accusation that Cheney is a carpetbagger arose in 2012 when, 46 years old and living in Virginia, she bought a house in Wyoming. The house, in Wilson, “a posh enclave a few miles west of Jackson,” in the words of the Associated Press, was listed for $1.9 million. “She lives in Virginia but lately has been showing up at Republican events around Wyoming,” AP reported. “While Liz Cheney would be unlikely to take on any member of the all-Republican and safely popular Wyoming congressional delegation, the visits have led to speculation she has an eye on office.”

It turned out the AP was wrong. Cheney did intend to take on a member of the all-Republican and safely popular Wyoming congressional delegation, GOP Sen. Mike Enzi. In July 2013, Cheney announced her candidacy for Enzi’s seat, which Enzi very much intended to keep. Cheney apparently thought her family name, and a lot of money raised outside of Wyoming, would be enough to muscle Enzi out of the race. A baffled Enzi told reporters, “I thought we were friends.”

Enzi proved more popular than Cheney thought. And Cheney faced criticism as the opportunistic outsider. Republican Cynthia Lummis, now a senator from Wyoming but at the time the representative holding the seat Cheney holds today, “blasted Cheney as a carpetbagger who will wind up losing to Enzi,” according to a CBS report. “When somebody’s never gotten a paycheck in Wyoming and lived their whole adult life in Virginia, I think they should run for Virginia,” Lummis said. “That’s her home state.” Cheney was the outsider who had joined forces with outsiders to oust a true Wyomingite.

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