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Dan Crenshaw and Marjorie Taylor Greene are nominally members of the same political party, but you’d be forgiven for thinking otherwise. Practically from the moment MTG joined Congress a year and a half ago, the two have been in one of the most bitter and protracted Twitter feuds in memory. Crenshaw has labeled Taylor Greene a “performance artist” for her public positions, and last winter he said she was either a Democrat or an idiot for her position on using FEMA funds for anti-Covid efforts. Throughout the spring, the two went back and forth about Ukraine. Now, they’re battling over the latest National Defense Authorization Act.

And yet, an analysis of the two Congressmembers and their records shows that there is hardly any comparison between the two. In her eighteen months in Congress, MTG has proven herself to be ten times the Congressman that Crenshaw is. Here are nine reasons why.

1. MTG actually cares about what’s in our spending bills.

The most recent spat between Crenshaw and MTG was over the pending renewal of the National Defense Authorization Act.

MTG has done yeowomen’s work pointing out one problem after another with latest NDAA, which is stuffed with everything from frankenmeat to vax mandates to more cash for proxy forever wars.

In response to MTG’s objections, Crenshaw has absolutely flipped out, outraged at the prospect that limitless funding for the 2022 American military might be paused for even a moment. In a long Twitter screed, Crenshaw labeled every opponent of the NDAA a “grifter” and a “Bernie Bro” opposed to the idea of a military.

2. MTG doesn’t have a psychotic bloodlust.

Supporting Ukraine’s war effort against a Russian invasion is one thing, but Rep. Crenshaw stands out in how giddy he is at the idea of creating an East European bloodbath. For Crenshaw, the mere fact that a war in Ukraine will kill lots of Russians makes it a good thing, no matter how many others die in the process, as long as American troops aren’t the ones doing the dying (for now).

To her enduring credit, MTG herself called out the callous bloodlust of Crenshaw’s position.

Crenshaw’s response was typically braindead:

Russia, Russia, Russia!

3. Meghan McCain hates MTG.

It’s a good heuristic in the modern Republican Party: If a McCain hates you, you’re probably doing something right. Fortunately, John McCain has been dead too long to have any opinion on Marjorie Taylor Greene. But luckily we have John’s daughter Meghan as a stand-in. And man, does she hate MTG:


In contrast, Big Meghan raced to Crenshaw’s defense when Tucker Carlson called him “eyepatch McCain”… while noting that Crenshaw himself is no doubt proud of the comparison.

4. MTG didn’t abandon the January 6 political prisoners.

Plenty of Republicans have come around to rejecting the politically-motivated sham narrative of January 6th. But few have done as much as MTG to highlight the worst abuses of the January 6th witch hunt and defend rank-and-file Trump supporters from a calculated effort to humiliate and destroy them.

MTG has denounced the mistreatment of prisoners in D.C.’s horrible local jail, which even won her plaudits from Time magazine. She has asked enough questions about Ray Epps ever since Revolver’s reporting last summer that Newsweek credited her with “reigniting” the Epps story earlier this summer.

Crenshaw, in contrast, blamed Trump for January 6th when it happened, and has tried to ignore the topic as much as possible ever since.

5. MTG didn’t want to extend the Afghan forever war. 

Not only does Dan Crenshaw love the idea of bankrolling a Ukraine forever war, but he’s also furious that the last forever war actually ended.

Earlier today, Representative Dan Crenshaw, a Republican from Texas, met with POLITICO Playbook where he questioned President Joe Biden’s decision to pull entirely out of Afghanistan rather than leaving a small residual force in place.

The former Navy SEAL questioned why Biden would pull out of the country if the president did indeed know that the events which occurred at the Kabul airport were unavoidable, as Biden has previously suggested.

Crenshaw asserted a view that he said he’s had for years—a pullout like the one seen last week should not have been executed. While he acknowledged the sentiments voiced by some who’ve called the war a failure, he said for troops like him, the fact that there have been “no more 9/11’s” proves the effort was not in vain. However, he said he now fears the territory could once again become a hotbed for terrorism.

“The option has always been chaos in a terrorist safe haven, or [maintaining] a small residual force,” Crenshaw told POLITICO. “We haven’t had a combat casualty in 18 months. I’ve been to war, that’s not what war looks like, okay. That looks like the kind of presence that we have all around the world.”


Of course, the U.S. was only taking zero casualties because the Trump Administration negotiated an agreement with the Taliban that Dan Crenshaw opposed. In the agreement, the Taliban agreed to forego attacks in return for a U.S. withdrawal. Also, the Taliban was easily taking ground even with a “residual force” parked in Kabul doing nothing. And given that 9/11 was planned in a Hamburg apartment, it’s unclear why Afghanistan is even useful as a “terrorist safe haven.” But Revolver doubts any of these considerations ever passed through Crenshaw’s head for even a moment. With a certain type of neocon, perpetual war is always an end unto itself.

Like every Republican, Marjorie Taylor Greene castigated the humiliating display of Americans massed at Kabul airport, at the Taliban’s mercy. But she didn’t take the insane extra step of saying America should have stayed in Afghanistan forever.

6. MTG doesn’t support statue-toppling lunatics.

Remember when a criminal fentanyl addict died, and suddenly Americans weren’t allowed to have history anymore? Didn’t that suck? Well, Congressman Crenshaw thought it was just great. In July 2020, at height of the Floyd Frenzy, Crenshaw endorsed ripping down Confederate statues because… a lot of the statues were of Democrats!

Should Confederate statues be in the Capitol? Doesn’t matter. The summer of 2020 was a Maoist-style assault on America’s history, America’s icons, America’s traditions, and America itself. And Dan Crenshaw chose to come along for the ride, because he thought he could show that Democrats are the real racists.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, meanwhile, showed the mettle she is made of by standing against the mob frenzy, and standing up for all history, even the parts that make complainers uncomfortable.

7. MTG shows real political courage.

There is a recurring theme to many of the entries on this lift: When it comes to politics, MTG is the one with real political courage, willing to take a position even at the moment when it is maximally unpopular. She defended statues at the peak of George Floyd summer. She defended January 6 protesters right away, instead of waiting months to see that it was “safe” to do so.

MTG showed the most impressive display of political courage this past spring, when she went against both the establishment Washington blob and the Fox News consensus to fiercely oppose U.S. involvement in the Ukraine war. She said what was obviously true yet was borderline illegal to say: President Zelensky’s government is incredibly corrupt, and war-loving Republicans like Dan Crenshaw were trying to pull the U.S. into World War III.


She heroically stood up to the chow thief and D.C. “Current Thing” icon, Alexander Vindman:

MTG also called out Lindsey Graham:


8. MTG doesn’t embrace BLM lies.

George Floyd was a lifelong criminal who died of a fentanyl overdose while violently battling cops trying to arrest him for his latest crime. Convicting Derek Chauvin of any crime was dubious. Convicting Chauvin of second-degree murder was mob justice. Convicting every other officer at the scene, simply for being there trying to do their jobs, was insanity. But Dan Crenshaw loved every repulsive second of it.

Marjorie Taylor-Greene, on the other hand, was one of the only public figures brave enough to say the truth: Chauvin’s trial and conviction was a sham, a disgraceful submission to a bloodthirsty mob.

9. Dan Crenshaw loves Black Rifle Coffee.

Yes, that Black Rifle Coffee, the male-to-male transsexuals who trashed Kyle Rittenhouse and called his supporters “repugnant” and “the worst of American society.” Crenshaw has appeared on the Black Rifle Coffee podcast, and Black Rifle has appeared on his. Crenshaw has popped up in their videos. But most ridiculous of all, Crenshaw hired Black Rifle co-founder Jarred Taylor to direct this absolutely excruciating ad:

It’s the perfect pairing. Both Black Rifle and Crenshaw traffic in performative, over-the-top macho shtick (Guns! Parachutes! Tacticool gear! Bacon!) that they use to woo easily-impressed conservative marks. Both of them mistake belligerence for bravery. Black Rifle seems to actually loathe its own customer base, and when Crenshaw decides to rip apart a teenage girl during a Q&A, you get the feeling he feels similarly about his own voters.

MTG, for her part, has never teamed up with Black Rifle, and that’s no surprise. Total frauds always fear the real deal, and MTG is nothing if not the real deal.


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