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With inflation running wild, rampant shortages from Boston to Bakersfield, endless money pouring into a useless and avoidable proxy war, and an epic crime wave wrecking America’s cities, one might think the Biden Administration has enough disasters to keep its hands full. But apparently not. On Thursday, the Biden Administration announced it will be reviving one of the most odious policies of the Obama Administration. And then, for good measure, it will make said policy an order of magnitude worse.

The policy in question is Obama’s Title IX rules governing how schools handle sexual misconduct on campus. Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination at any school receiving federal funding. Like all civil rights law, the scope of Title IX expanded dramatically, and in 2011 President Obama took it to it to new, ridiculous heights. The administration required colleges to adopt a “preponderance of the evidence” standard for judging sexual assault allegations, where if an accused person is deemed even 50.01% likely to be guilty, they must be held responsible. Schools were also encouraged to erect star chambers with single investigators, where accused students were denied any right to cross-examine an accuser or even see all the evidence against them.  If they resisted, colleges were threatened with the loss of federal money—including access to student loans. For the vast majority of colleges, such a loss would effectively be a death sentence.

In one of his most underrated moves to Make America Great Again, President Trump quickly repealed Obama’s policy. That should have sent it permanently to the ash bin of history.

But alas, no. Not only is the policy back, but activists have concocted a version that is far more wicked than its predecessor.

The new Biden regulations, which total more than 700 pages, once again encourage a single-investigator model that is tailor-made for de facto activists. Once these activists become “investigators”, they can then deliver verdicts motivated more by anti-male ideology and feminist animus than evidence. Biden’s rules also remove any right for accused students to confront or cross-examine their accusers. In fact, accused students don’t even have the right to see all the evidence against them; they are only granted a right to see a “description” of the evidence.

And as an added bonus, the new rules may make it a presumptive Title IX violation to “misgender” a person by failing or refusing to use their “preferred pronouns.”

If and when these rules are implemented, it will be a calamity. Free speech on campus will be gutted, liars and hysterics indulged, sinister bureaucrats empowered, and countless innocents around the country punished for nothing. To prove it, we only have to look at what happened under Obama’s policies. So now, Revolver will revisit six of the most ridiculous Title IX cases produced by the never-ending campus sex hysteria.

Kafka’s Trial at Amherst

In February 2012, a male student at Amherst College — he was Asian, so we’ll call him John Ngo — got drunk and cheated on his girlfriend by hooking up with her roommate — she was very slutty, so we’ll call her Jane Ho. That may have been a moral failing, but otherwise nothing came of it until a whopping 22 months later, when, in December of 2013, Amherst notified Ngo that the girl had accused him of rape because she had been drunk at the time. Ngo was also drunk, but a recurring feature of post-Obama Title IX cases is that a mutual drunken hookup is actually rape, but only for men.

To defend himself, Amherst supplied Ngo with a list of potential “advisors” who could shepherd him through the process. But Ngo couldn’t confront his accusers, and in fact, neither could his advisor (an Amherst administrator with a degree in “social justice education”). The advisor could only suggest questions that Amherst’s solitary investigator might ask the accuser.

After he was expelled, Ngo hired a lawyer who quickly found many facts that school’s shoddy investigator had not. His accuser —  had been so traumatized by her tryst that she immediately texted a residential advisor “Ohmygod I jus did something so fuckig stupid” and fretted that everybody would soon know about the encounter, and Ngo was “too drunk to make a good lie out of shit.” And all of that was bad, because Jane Ho was actually interested in having sex with another student… which she did, later that same night (welcome to life amongst future “elites” on the modern-day degenerate college campus). In fact, in her text messages to a friend, Ho complained not about being assaulted, but about her other paramour taking until 5 am to have sex with her. Not exactly an abused lady of virtue or a “damsel in distress”, this Jane Ho.

Despite overwhelming evidence of his innocence, Ngo had to fight through the courts for years, thanks in part to a judge who protected his dishonest accuser from being deposed, on the grounds that being asked any questions might “traumatize” her. Only in 2017, after a four-year battle, did Ngo finally reach an undisclosed settlement with the school.

Colorado State University-Pueblo and the Hickey of Doom

Everything was going well for Grant Neal. He was both an elite college football player and a pre-med student aspiring to become a surgeon one day. But Grant Neal’s life derailed after he began a consensual relationship with an athletic trainer at his school, Colorado State University-Pueblo. Relationships between athletes and trainers were frowned upon, but not illegal, so the two tried to keep their tryst a secret. But when another trainer spotted Neal’s new girlfriend with a hickey on her neck, she immediately reported it, and soon Neal found himself persecuted in a “rape” case that had no victim (emphasis ours):

Grant Neal, a promising student-athlete at Colorado State University-Pueblo, filed a federal lawsuit Tuesday against the college and the federal government after he was indefinitely suspended for what he describes as a consensual sexual act with his girlfriend.

Neal was a champion high school wrestler and outstanding football player at Regis Jesuit High School before deciding to attend CSU-Pueblo on scholarship. He planned to obtain a medical degree.

But he said his dreams were destroyed last October. An ongoing friendship with a female trainer for the CSU-Pueblo football team progressed. On Oct. 23 Neal and the woman went to a movie. Afterward, Neal said the woman performed oral sex on him in his car. In text messages afterward the woman told Neal her roommates “said they saw us doing stuff.”

Neal responded: “like what?? Kissing.”

“No … like more than kissing,” the woman texted back. “I’m so embarrassed … not gunna lie.”

On Oct. 25 the female student invited Neal to her apartment saying she was alone. After a short amount of time the two students ended up in her bedroom, undressed. The two were making sexual contact when Neal said “She was very adamant in pulling me close and wanting me to have intercourse with her. At the beginning, when I was lying on top I didn’t have a condom.” Neal said the woman said she was not on birth control.

“I immediately got off her and asked if I should put a condom on and she said yes and then we engaged in sexual intercourse. She never said no and never told me to stop.”

The next morning, Oct. 26, a friend of the woman’s noticed a hickey on the woman’s neck. When she learned the woman had sex with a prominent football player, she surmised her friend had been raped and reported that to university authorities. Neal’s girlfriend texted him: ‘I’ve been running around all day talking to so many people, trying to make things right!!! One of the other Athletic Training students screwed me over! … She went behind my back and told my AT advisor stuff that wasn’t true!!! I’m trying so hard to fix it all. I want to tell you what’s going on. Please!”

By Oct. 27 a full scale Title IX investigation was underway at CSU-Pueblo. The female student had talked to a university investigator and text messaged Grant Neal. She says she told the investigator, “He’s a good guy. He’s not a rapist, he’s not a criminal, it’s not even worth any of this hoopla.”

[CBS Denver]

Too late! Despite the supposed victim literally demanding that things stop, and despite Neal and the woman having sex again during the investigation, Neal was branded a rapist and hit with a multi-year suspension (a de facto expulsion). Neal sued and reached an undisclosed settlement that cleared his name, but his hopes of a football career were dashed. Now, he’s rebuilding his career as a rising MMA fighter.

His nickname? The Truth.

Credit: MMA Junkie

University of Tennessee Starts A Sex Tribunal Over a Made-Up Name

Keaton Wahlbon was stumped when, for a quiz in his geology class, he was asked “What is your lab instructor’s name? (if you don’t remember, make something good up).” So Keaton did exactly what he was asked, and made something up, though his name admittedly wasn’t too inspired: Keaton picked the extremely generic name “Sarah Jackson.”

Big mistake! It turns out Sarah Jackson is the name of an actress and nude model, which Wahlbon says he didn’t know. Whoever was grading the quiz did know, though, and gave Wahlbon a zero for his “inappropriate” answer. When Wahlbon protested, the school escalated, and after a faculty member whined about seeing the story on Total Frat Move, UT began investigating Wahlbon for Title IX sexual harassment. Wahlbon emerged unscathed, but not before enduring one of the dumber bureaucratic inquisitions to ever take place.

Caleb Warner

Caleb Warner’s case technically predates Obama’s Title IX letter, but it so perfectly captures the sexual hysteria on college campuses that we’ll include it anyway. In January 2010, a girl at the University of North Dakota accused Warner of sexual assaulting her a month prior. The encounter was entirely consensual, but became an “assault” after Warner made it clear he was not interested in a long-term relationship.

So far, pretty basic stuff for the Globalist American Empire. After a brief kangaroo court hearing, Warner was found responsible for assault and expelled. But unlike many campus rape accusers, Warner’s supposed victim also made a report to police… and police found her claims so contradictory, and so full of provable falsehoods, that a prosecutor charged her with filing a false police report (she fled town and hasn’t been heard from since). But UND was unimpressed, and refused to readmit Warner until the university was nationally humiliated in a viral Wall Street Journal op-ed. After getting shamed on a national stage for its stubbornness, UND offered to let Warner return. But, to his credit, Warner refused.

Matt Boermeester

Matt Boermeester [YouTube]
USC football kicker Matt Boermeester’s three-year saga illustrates one of the most bizarre manifestations of Obama’s Title IX priorities. As USC investigated and expelled Boermeester for supposedly beating up his girlfriend, it had to ignore and even threaten another person: the girlfriend herself, who continued to date Boermeester throughout the ordeal.

In February 2017, a neighbor spotted Boermeester roughhousing in an alley with his girlfriend, and misinterpreted the event as a violent assault. That neighbor told a roommate, who told a coach, who told USC’s Title IX department, and starting from that chain of triple hearsay, the university began the process to relentlessly destroy Boermeester’s life.

Summoned before the Title IX tribunal, Boermeester’s girlfriend Zoe Katz told them the truth: The alleged abuse was meaningless horseplay. From there, school officials decided that Katz was a “battered woman,” barred her and Boermeester from contacting each other, and then, after a short investigation, expelled Boermeester from the school without a hearing. A few months later, an angry Katz publicly denounced the university, clarifying that she had never been abused in any way. Yet even this wasn’t enough: USC stood by the expulsion, forcing Boermeester to sue the school. It took a three-year legal saga for a California court appeals court to overturn the travesty against Boermeester.

Laura Kipnis Learns The Future Of Speech in America

Laura Kipnis

With so many shoddy investigations wrecking the lives of innocent people, Obama’s Title IX policy unsurprisingly generated torrents of criticism. But in a particularly sick twist, activists argued that on campus, questioning Title IX policy was a violation of Title IX.

That sounds so insane that you might suspect that we are making a wild exaggeration. But we’re not. That is precisely the Kafkaesque torment Northwestern University inflicted on film professor Laura Kipnis (yes, a woman!) after she published the article “Sexual Paranoia Strikes Academe” back in 2015. In the article, Kipnis criticized Title IX and contemporary feminism more generally, and specifically wrote about the case of fellow professor Peter Ludlow, whom Northwestern disciplined for allegedly inappropriate relationships with two students.

Several Northwestern students didn’t like Kipnis’s argument, so they wrote a rebuttal in the school’s newspa-haha, just kidding. That’s what would happen in a non-joke society. No, the unhappy students filed a Title IX complaint against Kipnis, claiming that her article was “retaliatory behavior and creat[ed] a hostile environment.” Northwestern cleared Kipnis, but when she wrote an entire book on Title IX and her own personal experience entitled “Unwanted Advances: Sexual Paranoia Comes to Campus,” several students brought yet another Title IX complaint, claiming the book was another case of “retaliation.” In a standard court system, frivolous and repetitive lawsuits attract sanctions, but in the Title IX hellscape, there are no protections against extremists who see the system as a way to attack others. Fortunately, Kipnis stood her ground, still has her job, and has publicly stated, “In case there’s any confusion, Unwanted Advances remains in print and I stand by everything in the book.”


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